Unique Rings - The Many Ways To Personalise Your Finger Baubles

If you're into unique rings then you must be a gemstone and mounting lover. These are the two elements that make the unique ring. Gemstones come in a wide variety of colors and cuts. There are also exotic gemstones by artists who cut in such a way that they produce a unique gemstone that's pretty much a work of art.

For unique engagement rings many women choose to use colored diamonds instead of the traditional white round diamond. Canary yellow and treated blue diamonds are the types that are most commonly used. Unique diamond rings that are not necessarily wedding rings also use these colored diamonds to make a fashion statement and many women also go for the matching same colored diamond unique earrings as stud earrings or dangle earrings.

Mountings are pretty much the same way. They are simply plain metal but in the hands of a skilled designer they become a work of art. Just as gold gets transformed into a work of art through the hands of a skilled goldsmith, so do raw minerals become unique works of art through the gem cutters saw.

Supremely Cut Peridot For Your Unique Ring

Artistically Cut Gemstones And Fantasy Cuts

You will find examples of this type of gem cutting in a town called Idar Obershtein in Germany. Many of the stone cutters here have a history of being in the business for generations. They don't cut stones en masse like the industrial cutting centers in India and China. To these cutters every gemstone that they come across has an unspoken ambition to be a thing of beauty and uniqueness.

Customising A Unique Ring Mounting

Many goldsmiths start from scratch and hand fabricate their pieces into geometric and organic forms ideal for stone setting. Most designers that are styling unique rings that are one-of-a-kind will usually start with a gemstone first. The shape, form and cut of a gemstone dictates the type of mounting that would be more suited to bring out its beauty.

Perfectly symmetrical and faceted gemstones would do well in similarly styled mountings. A symmetrical and artistically cut gemstones are best set in mountings with minimum embellishments that reinforce their outlines so that the gemstone itself is the star of the show and is shown off in the best light as indicated in the ring below.

In a similar way unique engagement ring settings are generally hand fabricated to achieve that one of a kind look for the bride. You could easily change the the large center cup of this ring and mount a diamond in the center instead.

Customised Brush Finish Mounting With Pink Gold

Phenomenal Unique Rings and Gemstones

Many unique rings in history are combination of artistically cut gemstones set in mountings that reinforce their artistry. There are many types of gemstones that have unique qualities about them without having to be cut a special way. Gemstones like all opals and Labradorite having phenomenal light play qualities are individual in nature.

No two opals will have the same reflective qualities or play of light qualities. All they need is to be polished on the correct axis and their unique qualities will be exposed. It becomes clear that what kind of mounting would best suit these types of stones. Setting these types of stones in sterling makes for some very unique silver rings that stand apart.

Custom Labradorite Ring

Mounting Compliments The stone

As can be seen in the above ring, the mounting is in sterling silver and is appropriate for the stone coloration. The stark white of sterling silver compliments the cool coloring of the stone. The piece of silver shank curving over the top of the stone breaks up the monotony of the extreme length to width ratio of the labradorite thereby softening up up the overall look of the ring and adding some visual interest.

Sterling silver is an appropriate choice of metal because labradorite in this quality is not an expensive stone by any means. Also being that labradorite is is not often faceted, the smooth rounded surface of the silver mounting compliments this square cabochon gemstone. This combination makes for one unique silver ring.

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