Update your cell phone accessories with Chinese takeaway

I haven't been back to China for some time, so I have been missing many new and fashionable Chinese stuff. The only way I can connect to my homeland is the Internet and my Chinese language. But Chinese people may never notice something special which is very funny and strange from a foreigner's perspective, because they are used to that in their daily life.

So I found it really amusing when I read Kris and John's blog. They wrote enthusiastically about Chinese food cell phone accessories and refrigerator magnets which may be considered nothing worthy of paying so much attentions by a local people.

Chinese Food Cell Phone Accessories

Those photoes were taken by Kris and published in his blog. These looks so real that makes my mouth watering. In case you can't tell what you're looking at, there's:

-a cooked and an uncooked shrimp

-a plate of sushi

-bowls of wonton, or dumplings

-a braised pork noodle soup or beef stomach noodle soup

-a pork riblet, the braised pork

-a chicken's foot and a chicken wing

-a waxberry or bayberry

Chinese Food Cell Phone Accessories

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Chinese Food Cell Phone AccessoriesPork Braised in Soy Sauce Cell Phone Accessories
Chinese Food Cell Phone Accessories
Chinese Food Cell Phone Accessories
Pork Braised in Soy Sauce Cell Phone Accessories
Pork Braised in Soy Sauce Cell Phone Accessories

Chinese food refrigerator magnets

John has lived in China for more than 7 years. He is a graduate student in applied linguistics. He bought the magnets from a vendor set up outside a Pizza Hut in Shanghai, This tiny Chinese food refrigerator magnets looks so real that makes my mouth watering.

You can find John's blog at: http://www.sinosplice.com/, and Kris's blog at: http://krisfedorak.com/.

Chinese food refrigerator magnets
Chinese food refrigerator magnets

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Jay 6 years ago

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Jane 6 years ago

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Relemac 6 years ago

Cell phone accessories are as important as cell phones. A cell phone without a proper case is prone to damage. Why take the risk!

Alice Thomson 7 years ago

Thanks for your nice information of cell phone accessories. It is really appreciated and agree with you. These images of Chinese food is very nice and fantastic. I am very excited about your article. It's very impressive.

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