Use Boot Shapers to Keep Your Boots Looking Beautiful

Boot Shapers Keep Boots Beautiful

 A new pair of boots is a beautiful thing, but if you want to keep them looking that way then a good pair of boot shapers is an excellent investment.

As they get older boots tend to lose their shape and can't stay upright under their own steam, but a good boot shaper will apply just enough pressure to the boot to keep it both upright and crease free.

Available in many different types from wooden to plastic and solid to spring formed, boot shapers, or boot trees as they can also be known, are also great for when you need to store your boots away, such as over the summer months, ensuring that when you come to get them out again they'll be in perfect shape to see you through the winter.

Boot Shapers 300 (Pack of 3 Pairs) Boot Liners
Boot Shapers 300 (Pack of 3 Pairs) Boot Liners

 Getting into the habit of using boot shapers for your boots can also help prevent shrinkage that may occur after boots get wet, and also provide enough pressure to stretch boots slightly if they are too tight, though proper boot stretchers are really much better for this job.

Plastic Boot Shapers

 Simply designed, durable and inexpensive these are great all round boot shapers for women or men.

The spring action is in the centre of the device so all you need to do to insert the shaper is squeeze it in the middle to bring the ends together allowing it to be easily placed in you boot. Push the shaper to the bottom of the boot and it will hold the boot in place and upright. Or, if you prefer to keep your boots out of the way, there are versions which include a boot hanger so they can be hung from a rail in the closet.

Wooden Boot Stretchers

 Though generally more expensive the quality of these wooden boot shapers is hard to miss and if you want to give your prized boots the best love and attention you can then these are the way to go.

Manually adjustable so they can be set to the exact width you want for your boots these wooden boot trees also absorb moisture and, particularly with the cedar wood boot shapers, leave you boot smelling lovely and fresh.

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