Using Water to Help Clear Acne Scars


Water is the very foundation of life itself - so if you're keen to use it to help reduce your scarring and generally improve your health, well done! You've come to the right place! There are a number of ways in which water can help you to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, and while they do take some commitment and time to work, you will feel much happier and healthier using the techniques shown. Ready?


Drink More

Since water is the foundation of life, it's incredibly important to get enough water to drink. Most people simply don't drink enough. Since your body is mostly water, having an adequate amount of it in your system will replenish cells and help to carry away waste. Therefore you need to get enough water to drink. OK- how much is enough? Well I'm sure that've heard of the old eight glasses a day one. Other people argue that that's not actually necessary because you get enough through food (and that's certainly true especially if you eat many fruits and vegetables). Some health experts advocate drinking one to two liters of water just after you've woken up in the morning! I think there is a much easier way to know how much water you need to drink is - listen to yourself. I mean, actually listen to your body and how much water it wants. Chances are you don't listen to it as much as you could, and it perhaps might want a bit more then you're giving it. I keep a bottle of water on my desk all day so that it can drink some whenever it needs it. When you drink more, you feel better, run better and look better. Don't forget about how much water your body actually needs to drink.

Face Cloth

Get a small towel or face cloth and soak it in nice warm water. Then apply it to your face while you're lying down (to stop the water run off). What this does is very efficiently open the pores of the skin up and release dirt, oil and grease that can hinder healing and lead to further outbreaks. Leave the cloth on for about ten to fifteen minutes before you give your skin a good clean (using a natural soap if at all possible). I suggest that you use a loofah sponge as well, to help exfoliate the skin and help reduce the scarring.



Ice is quite effective at tightening the pores - yes, I know, the opposite to what warm water does. It's not an effective long term solution to the acne scarring problem, but you can use it before you go out (for example) to tighten the skin and smooth it over. Ten minutes with the ice will help to make the skin nice and smooth and will be very helpful. If you need to apply makeup, do the ice first before you dry the skin well. Always remember to make sure that you wash the makeup off well when you're done using it!

Salt Water Paste

Salt water makes an excellent face scrub. This also helps to exfoliate the skin. Simply take a couple of teaspoons of salt and add just enough water not so the salt liquifies, but rather so it becomes a paste. You will only need a few drops in order to achieve this paste. When you have achieved it, rub it onto your face with a couple of fingers. It does sting a bit, so use as little or as much as you like. When you're done, make sure that you rinse your face well.

You can improve the appearance of your acne scarring with water. Drinking more of it, using it to open and close pores as well as scrubbing it off, you'll find water to be very helpful when you're seeking to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Water is a great addition in a full treatment of acne scarring.

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