Valentine's Day Nail Art

Various pink design nails
Various pink design nails | Source

Decorate your nails with red and pink nail polish, polka dots, stripes, lip prints, tiny hearts, or other expressions of love. Find some adorable Valentine's Day nail art that you can rock all February long.

Red and pink heart nails
Red and pink heart nails | Source
Pink polka-dotted nails
Pink polka-dotted nails | Source
Love/Amore nails
Love/Amore nails | Source
Cute stripe and heart nails
Cute stripe and heart nails | Source
Red, black, and white nails
Red, black, and white nails
Heart cutout nails
Heart cutout nails | Source
Lip print nails
Lip print nails | Source
Red heart nails
Red heart nails | Source
Scrabble tile nails
Scrabble tile nails | Source

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Jasmeetk profile image

Jasmeetk 2 years ago from India

its simply woww.... I had also shared a hub recently on valentine day nail art ideas...

Ebower profile image

Ebower 2 years ago from Georgia Author

JasmeetK: Thanks so much!

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