Vera Bradley Betsy Handbag Keeps You Organized and Looking Good

A Review of the Betsy Handbag

What makes the Vera Bradley line of bags distinctive is the patterned quilted cloth material that they use to construct the bags. That's enough for most women to take a look at a Vera Bradley bag because the patterns are so pretty. What makes me love the Vera Bradley bags are the many pockets inside the bag and that they have a solid bottom so that the bag can stand on its own. The Betsy from Vera Bradley is in a class all its own.

There are six roomy pockets lining the inside of the Betsy bag. I can definitely fit my mini zip wallet (also from Vera Bradley) in the middle pocket and my two cell phones at each end. My business cards case fits in another pocket with room for plenty more cards, my keys fit in another pocket and and my pocket calendar in the sixth. So the pockets hold all that and I haven't filled the bag with anything inside yet. But let's stop here. With all the pockets filled with things that I constantly need to have at hand, I have never been so organized. I can find my phone when it rings, my wallet when I need to get at my credit card, and have my business card ready whenever it's requested. I never have to hunt for my keys at the bottom of the bag because I know it's in a pocket. Carrying this bag around brought me peace of mind.

Betsy in Baroque color
Betsy in Baroque color
Inside the Betsy.  Notice the constrasting pattern and some of the pockets.
Inside the Betsy. Notice the constrasting pattern and some of the pockets.

With all my essentials snugly held in pockets, my Betsy has room for my other essentials: makeup bag, a small brush, and a small bag that holds my two phone cords. And there's so much more room to spare if I want to carry that day's necessities. It holds a folded umbrella easily, the latest paperback, small items that I've purchased so I don't have to carry a plastic bag around. The quilted materials allows the bag to stretch and hold more or larger things. In addition, there's an outside pocket that can hold your receipts, a pen, etc.

The added bonus to the Betsy is that the bag comes with a solid base that allows the bag to stand on its own. It makes it so much easier to rest the Betsy on a surface without worrying it will flop over and fall. In addition, the solid base makes it easier to find things that fell to the bottom. It has become my everyday bag.

The quilted material has a luxurious feel and is strongly constructed and the bag has a solid zipper; I don't worry about any stitches coming apart. The Betsy currently comes in as many as 36 colors depending on availability of the store that you visit. The inside lining of each Betsy has a corresponding pattern to the outside design. It is a visual treat when you open the bag. It also allows your stuff to contrast nicely and allows you to find your items easily. The dimensions of the bag are 14" by 9.5" by 4.25" and comes with two straps that have a 10.75" drop so it's easy to carry on your shoulder even when you're wearing a heavy jacket. With its organizational pockets, great functionality and good looks, the Betsy is priced at a very reasonable $63.

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