Vintage Panties For Men

The world of Vintage Lingerie is an amazing place. If you're a guy who has seen it all before and is starting to get a little bored with your humdrum modern lingerie with its synthetic satins and silk, and see through mesh panels produced on soulless machines, then looking at vintage lingerie may provide inspiration for new panty choices, or reveal a must have treasure for your collection. All the lingerie featured here today is from, a site which deals solely in delightful original vintage lingerie.

1970's Panties

These pink panties from the seventies are incredibly sweet with a touch of naughtiness. The most recently produced panties in this little collection, they illustrate the more developed manufacturing techniques which were being used in the 1970s. Made of pink lace laid over pink nylon, these panties were guaranteed to feel great against the wearer's skin whilst providing some pretty hot eye candy at the same time.

1960's Panties

These demure yet sexy red chiffon and black lace panties are a prefect example of vintage charm. Any fellow with a yen for the charming sexiness of the 60's will enjoy these panties. The sixties were very famously a time of sexual revolution, and these panties reflect a change in the attitude to lingerie as part of the sexual experience. Because of their full cut, they are also quite suitable for men who enjoy full coverage, but still want to enjoy a pretty finish to their panties.

1950's Panties

Pretty panties with pink and cream printing, you wont find panties like these in modern stores. Hailing from a time when sensuality carried with it a hint of innocence, these nylon panties are sure to make a lingerie lover drool.

Now, just for some contrast, these panties are a naughty example of material sexuality from the 50's. In contrast to the innocence of the preceding panties, these panties feature a see through stretch lace panel bordering the intimate areas, and a double layer of lace to hide away the wearer's secret charms. The super high waist gives them away as originating from another time, not to mention the delicate ruffled detail which encircles the legs.

1930's Panties

Going much further back in time now, these pastel peach panties were made in the 1930s. Almost reminiscent of a pair of boxer shorts if it were not for the feminine cut, and the gorgeous lace detailing on the legs, these panties really are a beautiful piece of history.

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Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago

Mmm.. not the sexiest styles. It's kind of amazing we had a baby boom, with knickers like those around!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

LOL yes, but at the time they were probably considered sexy. It's interesting how our ideas of what is and is not sexy evolve over time...

Mikki 8 years ago

I guess it's more about what men who wear lingerie find sexy for them as opposed to what women this is sexy for them. For me, it's much more about color, fit, and the feel of the fabric on the skin. I have a couple pair of Vanity Fair that are the sheer nylon with lace overlay (as shown almost) as well as the newer lace on mesh or simply lace only panties. There is no comparison about the fit and feel of the older models - they are just a more substantial garment and feel so wonderful on the skin. But, the relative cost of lingerie has dropped considerably in the years. Those same lace panties would easily cost $75 or $100 if you adjust the cost for inflation over the years... about what you pay for high end lingerie underwear from LaPerla or other makers.

Sandy 7 years ago

older sissy male i have been wearing ladies panties since iwas 10 i really love the vintage panties from the 50ties and sixties they are so nice all that silky material and still dress in lingerie now i am 65 and just love the lingerie

Michael 7 years ago

I think all of these are really sexy, especially the 1950's pair!

Rikkie Lee profile image

Rikkie Lee 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I absolutely adore vintage panties from the 50s and 60s and panties made now with those retro-styles. The panties appearing in the 1930s pic are lavishly feminine and I know I'd love to have them amongst my treasures, but finding some like that in a size to fit would be near impossible! The 50s Garter Panties are most amazing to wear when the waistband is sufficiently strong to be able to keep your nylons up!

traingril 4 years ago

When I was small my mother made pink rayon panties for us as that was easy for her to buy rayon during the war she made them for her sister who was living with us and for me also. She made tops out of rayon also wore these till I got into high school and started gym class then had to change to boys underwear I would still wear the panties other days still do all the time now.

profile image

JohninRockville 4 years ago

Regarding "sexy" - the sexiness of full briefs lies in the fabrics and colors, which has strong appeal for the sense of touch. How one can describe a thong as "sexy" when 90% of women look terrible in such skimpy garments. Cellulite is neither attractive nor sensual. It seems a contradiction in that most females will feel their bum is too big and then turn around and wear a garment that makes it look even larger???

lingerieluver69 profile image

lingerieluver69 4 years ago

These kinds of "Classic Nylon Panties" are what I ALWAYS saw both girls & ladies/women wearing(in the 50's&60's) and in all the Sears

Catalogs that Mom got regularly. I LOVED SEEING WHAT NYLON PANTIES THEY HAD FOR BOTH THE 'WOMEN & FOR THEIR DAUGHTERS'. I Loved when they had matching lingerie sets, for the 'Teens & for Women', bras, panties, slips, panty-girdles, garter belts, etc. ALL MADE OF THE SAME MATERIAL & DESIGN! That's something I REALLY MISS SEEING, these days. I Enjoy wearing 'Classic Nylon Panties(BRIEFS)' 24/7, under my pants, A JOY

ALL MY OWN and Not Known by ANYONE ELSE!

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