Vitimin C And Other Good Things To Put On Your Face

In the book "How to Look and Feel Ten Years Younger," I read about facial care. It addressed the process of taking care of your skin so you'll really look younger and more fresh than you ever had before. When I first followed the steps outlined for clear,soft, and wrinkle free skin it took about a week before I could see the difference. As I followed the steps my face looked younger and younger.

You start the process by using a facial scrub to rid your face of any impurities and dead skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Next you want to put on a facial mask for your type of skin whether it's oily, dry, or combination.

On a daily basis only use scrub if you need it otherwise wash your face with a type of cleanser suited for you, and pat dry. Next, put a vitimin C cream over your face and neck and splash water on top of it. Let this air dry while you do something else. If you want to make your own vitimin C solution you can mix a melted 500mg. vitimin C tablet in hot water and mix until dissolved. Cool and apply to face with a cotton pad keeping it moist. The vitimin C will act helping your skin glow with freshness.

If you're concerned with wrinkles a product with retinol in it is what you'll need. For dry skin a lotion will do. For oily skin a plain retinol product with no moisture will work.

After the retinol product is dry apply your make-up. It's best to use a light mineral powder to show off your glowing skin instead of a heavy base make-up.

Taking time to use the facial masks, the scrubs, the vitimin C, the moisturizer, and the retinol will really make you look ten years younger.

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