Wearing high heels in front of my wife

Pink strappy high heel sandals with 4.5 inch heels
Pink strappy high heel sandals with 4.5 inch heels

October 22 started like any other day. I took my dog for a walk. Upon returning home I took off my shoes and socks and put on a pair of green strappy high heel sandals with 4 inch heels. I walked through the hall with a wooden floor and into the kitchen with a tile floor. My wife was in the family room, adjacent to the kitchen. She had just gotten home the day before from a two week visit with family in the midwest. I thought if I am ever going to wear my heels in front of her now is the time. During breakfast I commented on the food ads in the morning paper. She stood right next to me looking at the ads as I was in strappy high heel sandals. My heart was racing as I was prepared for World War III. She did not say a word about me wearing heels. At dinner time I wore a pair of pink and white wedgies. Again, not a word. The next morning I came out to the kitchen in the same pair of heels I had worn the previous day. This time she said for me to be careful wearing them in the hall as it has laminate wood on the floor and she did not want me to scratch the floor. I could not believe it! Was this the same woman who completely hit the roof when I showed her my first pair of strappy high heel sandals six months ago? She told me those are women's shoes and I should not be wearing them. Now, not a word. Today, three weeks later I pushed the button a little and wore pink strappy heels in front of her. They are the ones in the picture. Again, not a word of disapproval. As you can imagine I am so happy that I can wear my strappy high heel sandals in front of my wife.

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Stefie 6 years ago

So glad your wife is onboard. How about buying some matching Keds or Saddle Shoes and lingerie!!!

Doctor Editor profile image

Doctor Editor 6 years ago

Cute Strappy heels too! Way to go! I have been thinking about making my first shoe purchase, but haven't got up the courage yet.

fredchurch 6 years ago

why don't you consider a nice color polish? polish makes the world of difference.

raquelrenau 6 years ago

Hi Kfsteve. Awesome story about your wife's response to your wearing heels. Very sexy. Wondering if you can tell me where in phoenix you went shopping for heels. Hispanic place? You got some great deals. Do they have size 11 and 12? Hope to hear from you.


spnhfly 5 years ago

I have several pair, nothing but 7' or 8' heels I love'em whites blacks red clear, and I don't know what it is......but they make me feel HOT my problem is I don't have the courage to tell my wife, I want to but..... wish you the best!

Jau jay 2 years ago

When I met my wife she lwt me wear a pair of strappy wedges. Now we own about 100 pairs of varios shoes. She even go out and buy us some nice shoes/boots. Often she buy a pair of shoes and ask me to wear them as they are a bit tight. I love wearing high heels higher than 5".

Jay jay 2 years ago

Oops there was a bit of spelling there. At the moment it is winter here in South Africa and we share quite a few pair of boots. But the community would look at you very strange if a male is wearing female shoes, out in public. So most time I only wear them at home. Sometime when we go out dining at night I wear a pair of 3" block heel boots under my jeans. We got a walk here called Sisters with Blisters a 4 km walk in stillettos that I did for the last 4 jears and this year I want to walk in a pair of 6" stillettos.

Margueritte profile image

Margueritte 2 years ago from San Diego,CA

Fabulous guys and enjoy your high heels.

irvin 2 years ago

if i could I would only wear women's shoes, the colours are so pretty and the shoes are so comfy. T straps and mary Jane's are such a turn on with 2" or 3" heels I just love them. Womens sneaker are also so much nicer then mens. I have some munro's in women's size 14 wide. I wear them out as they look unisex and are real cool shoes. Femy shoes are such a turn on. we can wear keds as they sell them men even in red. women have it all!

con 2 years ago

U lost her.

irwin Wilson 21 months ago

I love to ware women's shoes also but with men's size 14 feet, women's shoe are hard to find. I love 2 & 3" heel mary jane and T strap shoes and pumps. Sadly they come in heel size 4-5-6" high only in women's size 15 &16 the size we big feet need. I have about 25 pair of size 14 munro's as they fit ok and some can be wore out as they are unisex for the most part. I am wainting for the time when they make cute sexy shoes and boots with lower heels for us men who want to wear only women's shoe sweet shoes I love women's sneakers also where so much sweeter than mem's. They could sell million's if they only made lower heels!

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