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Church wedding
Church wedding

There are many different styles of wedding dresses out there I really did not know much about what was available so I decided to do a bit of research myself to see what I could find. Many brides do not consider what will flatter their body type and shape the most when they pick a wedding dress. The main focus is what the bride wants and likes but I think that special day would be even more so if the bride had a few tips on how to accentuate her body shape so that she can truly shine above all the rest on her wedding day. After all the main focus in the wedding is always the bride and groom. The bride is the one who has dreamed of this special day her whole life and with a bit of guidance it can and will be the most outstanding, special and memorable day in a bride's life.

perfect couple
perfect couple
Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding

Just as a hair style should fit the shape of the face a wedding dress should fit the shape of the body. 


The best style for a petite or thin person is: Empire Waist or A Line 

A clean line without overdoing the fabric you want to continue the line to elongate the body. Big Ball gowns or mermaid wedding dress shapes can be overwhelming to a petite frame. Chapel or finger-tip bridal veils ensure that the petite bride is framed well. Keep bridal accessories and wedding accessories to a minimum in the case of petite less is more.Of course it does depend on your body shape as well.


The tall bride can wear most wedding gown styles.

From ball gowns, princess line and A- line wedding dresses, straight bridal dresses and mermaid dresses; all are good choices.  You may want to avoid empire line dresses that can add an unflattering tent effect.

Fuller Arms

An off the shoulder strap can be flattering as well as a sheer fabric sleeve it is a good wedding dress tip to draw the eye away from the arms by wearing sleeves or an off the shoulder strap. If you are using a solid fabric, use a three-quarter or long sleeve this will work best to draw the eye away from the arms width and lengthen the arms Stay away from tight sleeves if you have fuller arms you should not ever wear a dress were the sleeves are be cut tight this will make the problem area more pronounced.

Fuller busted

Off the shoulder gowns are best for a fuller bust. This will draw the eye up to the shoulders which will minimizes the bust area. Wear a more narrow skirt to help keep your figure flattering. There are little helpful items such as a bridal corset, it is a an undergarment that help minimize the shape of the body and reduce the figure as well as bust and waist size, simply put bridal corsets can work magic. A scoop and square necklines enhance bust lines. Widely set apart straps diminish fuller busted figures. Strapless dresses should be tried on and you should decide weather or not it looks good on your figure. 

Fuller waisted

Princess-line and drop waist wedding dresses are most flattering. You may want a fuller skirt, Empire Waist style, tight around the shoulders to draw the eye up word, Lower and wider neck line, puffy sleeves or wide set apart straps can all help to bring the eye up rather than down to help balance out your figure and look beautiful for your special day.


Anything that can draw the eye to the hour glass figure can be flattering, a two pieced or a corset type wedding dress will enhance the hourglass figure.  Anything that accentuates the bride’s waist is going to accentuate the figure. A beautiful ball gown, corseted bodices or most styles can be worn to flatter the waist line.  

I hope your wedding day is the most special day it can be. For more tips on wedding invitations as well as some free templates and pictures you can go to my hub wedding invitations or here for modern wedding invitations.

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