Weddings At Wineries

Wineries, not just for grape stompin' anymore

For years wines have played a part in weddings and other social events. Wine is the most commonly used beverage when making toasts. Many wedding are wine-themed. A unique idea but one that is becoming more common is to have weddings at wineries.

It's probably hard to imagine a wedding at a winery because we tend to think of the pictures of the past with workers literally stomping on the grapes. However, wine making is much more than that and involves high-tech machinery and operations as well as acre after acre of beautiful plush vineyards. These acres provide a beautiful background for your wedding unlike any other you could imagine. Your guests will be captivated not only by your imagination but also by the beauty of the land, regardless of which winery you choose.

Don't assume that any winery is going to allow your wedding to be held there as only certain wineries cater to such an event, but when you find one that will, snatch it up for the most enchanting event day of your life. Although most of the rules for winery weddings are similar, each one will vary so it's recommended that you check ahead so you know what is and isn't expected.

For outdoor weddings, the wedding party is usually responsible for renting and setting up their tents for the guests as well as tables, chairs, portable heaters and rest rooms. Any mess that is made by the wedding must be cleaned up within a certain amount of time. If you are having alcohol, the vineyard must have an appropriate liquor license. In most winery weddings, you're required to purchase wine from the vineyard. Some wineries that cater to weddings provide indoor facilities. These wineries, such as Barboursville, VA will take care of almost all the details including decorating, catering the meal, providing the beverages, setting up tables, etc. Their prices are per person but offer many different choices.

There are numerous wineries that cater to weddings. You can do an online search and find a list of the ones closest to you. This most important day of your life can also be memorable for all your guests when you choose one of these beautiful picturesque wineries for the setting. In addition to the Barboursville in Virginia, here are a few wineries you may want to check on for your special day.

In Seattle, you'll find Chateau Ste. Michelle, which is considered by many as the most beautiful. It has the capacity for a large wedding and offers exquisite sculpted grounds. Right behind it in beauty is the Columbia Winery. Another winery a half hour from Seattle by ferry is the Bainbridge Island Vineyards. They're very lovely but not as large. If you're not planning a large wedding, they would be perfect.

If you may be on or near the San Juan Islands, the San Juan Vineyards and Lopez Island Vineyards are both excellent choices. Also, in Eastern WA, the Bonair Winery is highly recommended not only for their beautiful lawn consisting of gazebo and fountain but also for the great accommodating couple that own the place.

These are a few of the choices you can look through for your special winery wedding option. Your guests will be in awe at your wedding when it's held at one of these wineries. During the right season, you can be assured of some of the most gorgeous wedding pictures due to the breath-taking backgrounds at some of these vineyards. Although the idea of a wedding in a winery may seem unique to you, it's a guaranteed memorable day.

A wine wedding theme make it easy to select the perfect gifts for your wedding party or even your guests. There are great wine accessories that can be given that will enhance your wine experience. You can even fiind engraved or personalized wine gifts for that special touch. Cheers!

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Gold Coast Wedding Photography 7 years ago

I like doing weddings at wineries, always a good time and plenty of testing to be had.

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