What Color Eye Shadow Matches Your Eyes

What color matches you

Are you trying new eye shadows out? Have you always wondered what type of eye shadow matches your eyes? Well here are some of the colors that can match your eyes.

Eye Color:

Brown- Bronze, dark green, purple and brown

Hazel- Brown, purple, and green eye shadows

Green- Brown, purple, and green eye shadows

Blue- Gray, purple, and blue eye shadows

I have green eyes and have always found that wearing brown eye shadow and purple really pops my eyes and makes them stand out.

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aaliyah 3 years ago

i have brown eyes and i put on purple eye shadow and people say it doesnt go well

viktoriiya profile image

viktoriiya 6 years ago from Minnesota Author

Yeah, I think you need some color to make your eyes irresistible!!! Just experiment with it.

sarah 6 years ago

i have brown eyes but everyone is telling me im supposed to use black but i think its boring say i if your with me!!!!!!!!

viktoriiya profile image

viktoriiya 7 years ago from Minnesota Author

Well I kind of thought brown goes with black bc they're both darker colors. But I think if you use brown, lavendar, green, or a gold color, it would look nice:)

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 7 years ago from California

Sad what about someone with Black eyes? =)

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