What Is The Best DKNY Watch?

Which DKNY Watch Should I Get?

Many people wonder which DKNY watch is best. They want to know whether they should get a stainless steel watch, a titanium watch, and then of course is all the styles in men’s and women’s DKNY watches. DKNY stands for Donna Karan New York, and they say they embody the spirit of New York in the design of their watches. Their watches are affordable and very attractive, no matter what you are wearing it with. After looking around online for a DKNY watch, if you can’t decide on which style to get, or which type of watch you think you would like best, then read on. Hopefully then you will be able to select the watch that suits you best or would make the perfect gift for the person you are shopping for.

DKNY watches embody the spirit of New York
DKNY watches embody the spirit of New York

The first thing to consider when looking at DKNY watches is: when are you going to be using the watch? Are you buying the watch for only evening or dinner part wearing, or are you looking for something that goes with more outfits for everyday use at work or in the office. DKNY leather watches are probably the most versatile, except if you are around water a lot, since water tends to ruin leather quickly. If you are looking for a watch just for formal wear, a DKNY bracelet watch would be very attractive with any evening wear, like a nice dress, or even more business casual for evening business meetings. The other DKNY watches can be worn most of the time, at work and home, aren’t really geared toward a particular setting. Any watch with a nylon strap or a rubber strap is meant for everyday use, even for people that are hard on watches.

Who Is the Wrist Watch For?

Next, consider who the watch is for. Is the watch for your dad or mom or your spouse or perhaps for girlfriend or boyfriend. Is the person older or younger? If the person you are looking at getting a watch for is older, you might want to look at the DKNY watches that are little bit more classically styled, using gold or platinum, with crystal faces. If the person you are shopping for is younger, or more active, look at the DKNY watches that have leather or nylon straps, and made more durable, for more active use. But, your mom or dad may not like the look of a nylon or leather watch strap, since they will probably only be wearing the watch on more formal occasions, or when going out to eat or church. When shopping for a parent, it is probably a gift for something special, like Christmas or Mother’s Day, so go with a watch that is more elegant, choosing style over function. A dad is probably going to like a stainless steel DKNY watch or a watch strap made out of titanium. Titanium watches will hold up to a lot, and will last a long time. Stainless steel is also usually suitable for a men’s watch, and is very functional, while kind of having that clean cut look. If you want to spend more money on the person you are considering getting a watch for, look at the gold DKNY watches. Of course, these watches are going to be much more expensive, but they are probably worth it the watch is a for a spouse or a parent.

What Do DKNY Watches Cost?

Which leads to the question of cost. How much are you willing to spend on a watch. DKNY watches are not terribly expensive, but they can run several hundred dollars or more. Expect to pay at least one hundred dollars for any DKNY watch, and probably more like three hundred dollars. If you are looking at mens or womens DKNY watches specifically, these are probably closer to five hundred dollars and up. Any precious metal used on the watch will also make it more expensive.

In the End, You Will Be Happy

Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best DKNY watch for a gift, for yourself or someone else. But ask yourself these questions, and you will probably come to the right watch choice. Of course, all these watches can be found online from reputable dealers, and you will probably get the best deal that way. And, don’t be afraid to spend good money to get a nice DKNY watch, since it will really show when whoever receives the watch (maybe yourself) wears the watch.

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mysisters 5 years ago

Great Hub. DKNY watches are very nice. I love the style of the Crystal Bracelet Watch.

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