What Makes a Woman Beautiful

In today's world, beauty is often measured by how much one can fit the image portrayed by mass media outlets. To be thin and wear the latest styles is to be in. It's suggested that this is a standard that both men and women should work to achieve. It's the way that people nomally view beauty, or is it?

Not too long ago to be full figured with curvy hips was the norm of the day. As many of today's women work and take products to be thin, during that period of time the opposite was the truth. Women as well as men used products such as Weight On and others to build themselves up and increase their weight. Women like the late Marolyn Monroe and Mae West were portrayed as the standard for beauty as it related to women. Big thighs, big hips - you get the picture - was the norm.

So what truly constitutes beauty in a woman or man? What is the true measure? Should one starve themselves to become overly thin? Or, should they simply be content with who they are, understanding that beauty comes from within? Surely the nature of an individuals personality and warmth out shines everything. It is a light that never dims. All the rest is no more or less than superficial packing.

Regretfully, many in our society woefully, lament over this issue. For them, happiness will only come when they're able to become thin - not understanding that the trend they're trying to meet is no more or less than a fad stemming from a designers mind that has been mass marketed for the sake of making money. In the forties and fifties, to be full figured and have a big behind was all the rave. Women did everything possible to gain weight. Products which produced weight, made a killing those days. All over TV, the radio, etc. the bulletin constantly went out: Being large is to be in; to be thin is a sin. Thinness was looked upon as a sign of ill health, certainly not attractive. It was viewed as the mark of an ugly duckling. Now today, it has become a standard of beauty.

Maybe it would be wiser if we all decided not to put a measure on physical beauty but instead make it a habit to concentrate on that beauty that lies within. It's a beauty that last throughout time and does not fade with age, as physical beauty does. That type of beauty is as they say here today and gone tomorrow. The beauty that comes from the heart is everlasting.

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Azlynn profile image

Azlynn 5 years ago from Gisborne, New Zealand

I think this hub is great. There needs to be more people in the world who have this belief that beauty comes with in. I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I've been thin and I've been thick. I've recently put on weight and I dont feel that my partner is attracted to me. It hurts me deeply because I am still the same person inside. It would be great to still be considered beautiful, despite having gone up or down in dress sizes. Thanks for your words. I enjoyed reading this.

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