Awesome Things To Do With Steve Wears A Dress

Steve Wears A Dress is a book that I wrote for men who wear women's clothing who find themselves in the position of explaining themselves to people who don't understand why they do it. It's written in the same sort of fashion as those children's books that explain where babies come from are written, except the diagrams are a little less anatomically correct.

Steve Wears A Dress
costs 3.99 to download, or 7.99 to have a real live paper copy sent to your doorstep. (Or knowing courier companies, to your neighbor's pit bull's kennel.) Also, it won't actually be live. It will be dead, but live in spirit.

If you've been looking for a way to explain that you like to wear women's clothing but people keep on staring blankly or failing to understand the point, Steve Wears A Dress is the perfect size for rolling up and hitting them until they come around to your way of thinking. I took special care to ensure that the print version is 8.5 by 8.5 inches, making it wide enough to roll, but not so bulky that you risk seriously harming the object of your literary assault.

Steve Wears A Dress can also be passively aggressively left around your house for other people to find. Pop it on top of 'Good Housekeeping' on your coffee table as a conversation starter, or donate a copy to your church's local book drive.

In spite of the gross frivolity taking place in Steve Wears A Dress, there are also several SERIOUS POINTS which you can highlight to loved ones. These SERIOUS POINTS include the inequality between men's and women's accepted dress standards, otherwise known as the 'if women can wear jeans, why shouldn't men wear skirts' argument. It delves into the dire state of men's fashion and it does not fail to address the historical context for men who wear women's clothing.

Just 16 pages long, Steve Wears A Dress is an incredibly simple, incredibly friendly way to educate those you know and love about the issue of men wearing women's clothing in all its forms. It can be read cover to cover in about 5 to 10 minutes, which, thanks to the Internet and Television, is about the average attention span of the modern human.

Steve Wears A Dress may change your life, (or simply entertain you by reinforcing your existing world view,) so why not download a copy or order a print version?

If you're one of the men who has already invested in Steve Wears A Dress, you have my sincere thanks and my hope that you both enjoyed the little tome and found it useful. If you like, you can leave feedback on, or scroll down just a little to make your mark on the comments section below.

Steves, the power is yours!

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ILoveLingerie 6 years ago


I bought the book some hours ago and it's great.

It's funny (like usual;)) and a nice summary of the important topics for all us Steves.

The illustrations made me smile too. They express what you intended well.

Thank you, Hope!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Well my humble thanks to you, I Love Lingerie! I'm glad to see that the goals of 'Steve Wears A Dress' seem to have been achieved, and I'm very glad you enjoyed the book. I certainly had a great deal of fun creating it.

hman 6 years ago

I really enjoyed reading your book. The info is very accurate. Some people just need to be more accepting to change. Thank you, Hope!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Glad you liked it hman, and thanks for taking the time to let others know you enjoyed it ;)

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