What Your Guardian Angel Tattoo Means To You

If you are considering a guardian angel tattoo you may want to take some time to consider what that means to you before choosing your design. Some people subscribe to the belief that your guardian angel is a specific type of angel that is assigned to each person by God himself and that the guardian angel is charged with the duty of keeping their person safe from harm. Other people believe that guardian angels are the spirits of loved ones who have passed to the other side and choose to keep a watch over them. The main difference between the two beliefs is that the second kind are more familiar to us and have a more personal emotional bond with us.

Based on the second belief above, many people choose a guardian angel tattoo as a memorial to a loved one who has died. They choose this person as their personal guardian angel and their tattoo serves as a constant reminder that they are being watched over by that person. Whether or not this is true may not make a difference on the effect this can have in a person's life. Believing that a dearly departed person is watching over them often encourages people to make better choices in their lives, work harder to achieve more and avoid unsavory people and circumstances that can bring them harm. So, sometimes the very fact that a person believes in guardian angels can help keep them safer.

Your guardian angel tattoo can help make this kind of difference in your life if you choose to let it. Faith is said to be a belief in things that aren't seen and many people experience miracles because of their faith. Having a guardian angel tattoo can not only help increase your faith, it can also be a vehicle to help you share your faith in angels with other people when they notice your beautiful tattoo and inquire about its meaning.

The style of a guardian angel tattoo can vary from person to person. Some people opt for an angel that looks like a cherub, while others prefer the image of an adult angel. Sometimes the guardian angel tattoo is simply represented by a pair of angel wings and sometimes the wings have another object such as a name or a heart between them or maybe even the face of the loved person you believe is watching over you. Guardian angel tattoos are some of the most meaningful tattoos you can choose.

Guardian Angel Tattoos

Guardian Angel Tattoo taking care of children.
Guardian Angel Tattoo taking care of children.
A Guardian Angel Tattoo for a specific person.
A Guardian Angel Tattoo for a specific person.
Guardian Angel tattoo of a male angel, probably for a man
Guardian Angel tattoo of a male angel, probably for a man

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