What do red cocktail dresses say about your personality?

Do you find yourself drawn to a certain color, or wearing one color more than others when it comes to social occasions?  Perhaps all of your favorite dresses have one color in common?  You may be shocked to find out that many believe that there may be some significance to the color of cocktail dress you wear to an event.

Cocktail dresses come in all types of colors, which means that any type of person can find just the right dress to fit their own personal sense of style.  Of course, there is more to choosing the right color than simply picking one at random or going with what looks the best at that given time.  In fact, many would say that choosing or preferring a certain color says quite a bit about what you are really all about!  What do you think?  Does wearing a red cocktail dress say anything about your personality, or is it all a bit of a myth?  Well, read on and see if any of this applies to you.

The first thing that you would probably think of when it comes to a red dress is the sex appeal involved.  It is unquestionable that a red dress can get motors revved up like no other type of dress can, and it is a style that has endured generations of change and still holds popular to this day.  But beyond just a sassy, adventurous appeal, red also stands for health and strength, which is why it is a popular color for sports uniforms and is often used for symbolism's sake in films.  So, it would be unfair to say that wearing a red cocktail dress automatically means that you are a flirty person with a wild side- although it may still be true, nonetheless!

Of course, wearing a red cocktail dress does not just mean that you have a certain type of personality all of the time.  In fact, what color dress you wear for a specific event can end up having much more to do with how you feel on that particular night!  Perhaps you were feeling adventurous on the night that you wore a red cocktail dress, or you wanted to ensure that there was a little more excitement in the atmosphere, which red dresses have certainly been known to provide!

Also, there are other reasons for wearing red, other than just feeling sassy or wanting more attention.  For instance, red is a traditional winter color and is more likely to be worn for events such as Christmas or holiday parties.

Regardless of the reason that you choose to wear a red dress, it can't be denied that red cocktail dresses have a certain appeal and quality that other colors simply can't offer.  Also, the effect of the red dress is clear, as it definitely has an eye-catching look to it which will attract attention.  Whether or not your choice of color says something about your personality, it's a great choice nonetheless!

Red, Hot & Passionate

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Laura du Toit profile image

Laura du Toit 7 years ago from South Africa

Red is such a vibrant color. Wearing a red cocktail dress always makes the wearer appear self-confident and lively.

Great hub!

Alice 3 years ago

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