What is the Deal with High-End Shoes?

It is common knowledge, that most women like shoes, and in some cases, so do men.  One or two pair simply will not do when attempting to coordinate a wardrobe.  In addition, comfort can also be a factor.  Although one may wear those stylish heels on Monday, come Tuesday, the thought of being uncomfortable for another day is unbearable.  It is for this reason that one requires a variety of shoes.  However, a new type of footwear has emerged as a fashion necessity; the high-end shoe.


High-end shoes are the new fashion icon for the 21st century.  Top designers have begun offering a variety of styles for the discerning shopper.  The trend has even become so profitable that new stylists for the high-end shoe market have emerged.  Jimmy Choo has become a household name amongst those who are savvy about current fashion.  Choo is alumni of what is now know as the London College of Fashion, and began his high-end shoe empire in an old hospital building.  His designs were featured in Vogue magazine and soon influential customers, such as Princess Diana, were wearing his high-end shoe styles.  At a median price of $500, the acquisition of these must-have fashion items is not cheap, and the word “comfort” is not a consideration in the purchase. 


Top clothing designers have also entered the high-end shoe market as an extension of their current offerings.  Prada, Marc Jacobs, and even Chanel now offer a variety of flats, heels, and boots designed to coordinate with their clothing line.  The cost for these high-end shoes varies, but usually is parallel to the price for the designer’s clothing.  Thus, the well-dressed individual can be styled from head to foot by a top fashion icon. 


High-end shoe designers are now emerging out of surprising venues.  Carlos Santana, well known for his work with the music group “Santana,” is fast becoming known as a top high-end shoe stylist.  The “Carlos” designs are lower in price than those of Jimmy Choo, as the average price for a dress shoe is about $100, but the styles are flashier and described as “daring.”  However, again comfort is not used as a variable for the decision to purchase the fashion necessity. 


So, the high-end shoe is neither inexpensive, nor necessarily comfortable.  Why, then is it so important for these items to be part of an individual’s wardrobe?  The answer is very simply, status.  Although one may receive a compliment about an outfit, the ability to say that it is a “designer” label, adds a bit of prestige to the conversation.  The ability to purchase and look good in the expensive outfit implies that one is affluent and successful.  The same can be said about the high-end shoes.  Even if an individual is wearing jeans, or an off-the-rack dress, they can proudly display a pair of high-end shoes.  In addition, the woman who does not possess a slender, model-perfect body, can still have confidence in her appearance with a pair of high-end shoes, even if the designer fashions cannot be worn.


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Sa`ge profile image

Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

I buy shoes for comfort first looks second. the cost might be up or down, does not matter to me. The comport and how well a shoe is made is more important, well, it should be!

Great hub, very interesting. ~aloha~

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