What tattoo designs can you get on your skin?

Kinds of tattoo designs

Tattooing is a technique that dates back to ancient times. In Eurasia, it has been practiced since the Neolithic period. In Europe, tattooing has reappeared in the 1770s through the explorations in the South Pacific, of Mr. James Cook and his crews.

The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian "tatau" which means "mark". There are many kinds of tattoo designs, you have the Polynesians, the tribals, the Chinese. It's up to you to choose the design you like.

The tattoo designs "tribal" graphics are thick black line, depicting scenes often primitive Polynesians.

The tattoo designs "Chinese" are inspired by Asian art. You will find so drawings of dragons, Buddha, fish symbols.

It is also possible to have custom designs if you can find an experienced tattoo artist. Click here to see several examples of tattoo designs

Flower tattoo

Small tattoos are risky

One important thing to know is that if you want to do small tattoos like a little flower for example, it is possible that you will not see a task of black ink on the skin because the ink diffuses slightly below the dermis. Then choose a pattern of sufficient size to avoid this kind of problem.

There are two kinds of tattoos, monochromatic (single color) and the polychrome which is used in this case several color pigments.

All tattoo designs are allowed. Now, everyone can not get a tattoo. No statutory regulation exists, but must refer to the ethics of tattooing. For example, the tattooist will not tattoo on children under 18 not accompanied by a parent member.

The tattoo designs can be executed in the lower back, trunk, arms, etc., throughout the body. You choose the reason for decorative or symbolic tattoo that you like best and go with professionals.

Butterfly tattoo

Tattoo like a butterfly
Tattoo like a butterfly

There is nothing sexier than a tattoo in the lower back of a woman

Did you know that tattooing was practiced by the Egyptians 4000 years ago?

For many men, there is nothing sexier than a tattoo in the lower back of a woman!

To understand the phenomenon of tribal tattoo in the lower back, he must go back to centuries before our era. Indeed, after being born in Egypt, color tattoos have evolved from the native tribes of New Zealand. They were also very popular in China, India and Japan. These cultures were obviously a model of tribal tattoo each of whom had special significance all its own.

If the technique has not changed much over the centuries (in all cultures, decorate the skin is performed by inserting colored substances under the surface), the method has experienced a profound change in 1891. It was the year during which the first electric tattoo machine was put on the market by a man named O'Reilly. This same machine is still used by specialty shops like "Tribal Art Tattoo.

Catalogues of tattoo pictures are available

Where once we had to draw precisely what we wanted, nowadays there are catalogs of pictures in which the customer can make his choice. Once done, it is well settled, because the tattoo is relatively long and painful. But the result is worth it!

Tattoo Safety

A tattoo should not be done on a whim because it is not safe. Do not forget that there is no legislation in force for the salons, tattoo parlors and artists such as body marking specialists have no officially recognized professional status.

It is therefore imperative to choose where we will get a tattoo and do not be afraid to ask questions of the tattoo. Make sure it meets the rules of hygiene are fundamental in this area, especially one that uses needles.

The disadvantages of the tattoo may be allergic (or react to pigments used in ink), infections such as sepsis (inflammation of the tattooed area), bacterial infection (staphylococcus, streptococcus, etc..) And particularly the Importantly, the viral infection with hepatitis C, AIDS.

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