What is the best anti-wrinkle cream for someone in their twenties who is starting to develop fine lines?

Anti-wrinkle cream
Anti-wrinkle cream


When I first read this request, I chuckled and then I realized I was one of those people who used a lot of skin care products at a young age. I have personally been using anti-wrinkle cream, facial moisturizers, sun-block, since my late teen years. I suppose I blame my cousin for those habits. Eighteen years later, I am thankful of my cousin's advice for my youthful look. Just last week someone asked me how old I was and I said, "35". The look on his face was unforgettable. He thought I was 22.


Granted, genetics might have helped reduce the appearance in the aging process, but if it weren't for the daily use of sunblock and my daily regiment of day and night moisturizers, the sun would have easily added 10 years to my skin. The sun is an equal opportunity aggressor. The sun does not care how young, old, or what gender, or what race you are. It will attack anyone at any age.


To answer the topic in question, what is the best anti-wrinkle cream for someone in their twenties? The answer is any will do just fine. Any time you restore lost moister from the effects of the sun; you increase the life of your skin and reduce the chance of early signs of aging. There are countless products on the market today. You can find 15 to 20 different products in each weekly newspaper inserts from multiple every store print ads. Each company will make claims that their product is superior.


When looking for a product that fits your needs, the bottom line is look at the contents. There are certain ingredients that are a must for day time anti-wrinkle cream.


1) Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Do not use any protection less than 30. SPF 15 is commonly sold in most anti-wrinkle creams today, but it's not adequate protection against the suns damaging rays unless you are adding sunblock into your daily regiment.


2) Vitamins are essential for healthy looking skin. The most important vitamins to look for in your anti-aging cream are:

Retinol A: for the appearance of healthy radiant skin from the inside out.

Vitamin C: An Antioxidant known for trigging the production of collagen and prevent the breakdown of cells

CoQ10: This is an antioxidant. It is widely used in most anti-aging creams, but it isn't in all of them. Whether this actually works, hasn't been actually proven. It reduces signs of aging by oxygenating the skin cells


As long as the product you chose has these three ingredients, anything else in addition is a plus. It may not seem important to have a high SPF in the winter months, but sun can still cause damage even on cloudy days. http://www.olay.com/ has a wide variety of skin care products available for you to view online and you can order samples online. You may also try http://www.loreal.com/. L'Oreal is the parent company of the Garnier which includes a wide variety of hair and facial products as well. They have the AGE Perfect product that is available for day and night. Some the high end products like Lancome and Clinique are very good skin care product lines, but I personally do not recommend them. I wasted hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on these high end products and I didn't notice any difference versus using a brand that you can find at Walmart or Target. Since learning the hard way, I have not spent more than $18 on one single skin care product.


For a nighttime cream, it is not necessary to have SPF and thicker cream isn't always best. Most night cream is designed to stay on top of the skin to allow for overnight absorption. Most of it is creamier so you can apply on your face and neck. I would recommend, Olay Total Effects Night Firming Cream, Olay Night Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment, Pond's Time Rewind Overnight Wrinkle Repair Cream, Dove Pro Age Rich Night Cream, or Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Moisture Cream.


For the males reading this article, I recommend the L'Oreal Men's Expert product line. I've been using their line for the last two years or so, and I have been most pleased. My only regret is they don't carry a night time face and neck cream. If you need one, I recommend the same products as the women.


This is another helpful reminder for all of you readers. Since most of your body's natural repairing and filtering happens when you're asleep, it is equally important to maintain a well balanced diet rich in skin friendly nutrients like, Vitamin C and other antioxidants. Antioxidants help rid your blood of toxins from your blood stream. Always drink plenty of water. By plenty, I am referring to drinking a half a bottle of water (8 oz.) every hour, throughout the day.


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shawna.wilson profile image

shawna.wilson 7 years ago from Arizona

Thanks for answering my request! I will use this information to decide which product to buy. I figure it's easiest to prevent and slow the aging process now than it will be to try reversing it later. Good hub :)

Joy 7 years ago

Lotsa good info that answered my questions!

rc 5 years ago

Thanks for the helpful article

DoubleChin 5 years ago

Nice hub, I've moved away from using anti wrinkle creams.

Started doing facial exercises,its really good for tightening face muscles, and removing face fat

neha 5 years ago

can we use anti ageing cream at earlier age i.e in twenties itself...is it ok

Gabster 4 years ago

Im 23 and started using Olay total effect anti aging moisturizer, and I was wandering if that's too much for my age, there are many good products out there but they don't promote products for twenties skin.

extipthig 3 years ago

My partner and i utilized to get at the top of existence nevertheless as of late I've truly accumulated some sort of amount of resistance.

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