Where to Find Wedding Garters in Oklahoma City

Wedding Garters are Not Hard to Find

If you know where to look
If you know where to look

If you are at a loss as to where to go for a very affordable wedding garter in Oklahoma City fret not fair lady I have the place for you. Now you must be fearless to find this place ladies and gents but the end result justifies the means.

The wedding garters are so cute and believe it or not they only cost $3.95!! Yes I said wedding garters for only $3.95 that is so cheap I got one for the bride and one for the toss garter. The bride wears both under her dress until the reception at which time the groom removes the garter and tosses the garter to the single men in the reception.

Where is this mystery place well it's called Kristy's toy box and there are many locations in Oklahoma City locations.

Funniest Garter Removal Ever!

Tradtional Idea of Tossing the Garter

Most commonly the tradition of the wedding garter toss that the bride wears two separate garters. The idea is that one garter us to be kept as a keepsake, most commonly as a something blue if the wedding colors are not blue so it can be worn by the bride and concealed under the brides dress until the time for garter removal. The other garter can be any color for the garter toss for the lucky lady to keep as a keepsake.

Traditionally the bride wears Both garters on her right leg just above the knee. The toss garter is to be placed below the keepsake garter. The bride is then sat in a chair in the middle of the guest or reception area. The groom then picks a song to be played during removal of the garter. The groom then removes the garter that is meant for the toss. Sometimes the groom is blindfolded but there are those grooms that don't want any part of the whole idea of being blindfolded; although for the guests and the bride this can be quite a show. There are those who also decide to remove the garter not only blindfolded but the removal is done with their teeth! Most men will opt for using their hands because most of their family as well as friends will be watching.

Some grooms really make a big show of the garter removal others are a bit more shy and just want it to be short and sweet. Some grooms pick a song to dance to drawing out the removal and putting on a funny show for guests to video tape  and take pictures. Others are to shy to do such a thing so the DJ just plays a song so they can remove the garter and toss it to get it over with. Either way it is always a funny event worthy of video quality memories.

After the garter is removed the toss part of the removal comes into play. The groom then throws or tosses the garter to the single men. The single man is then paired up with the single female that caught the bouquet for pictures. Most men wear the toss garter on their arm but some opt for placing it on the single ladies leg for pictures. As the saying goes whoever catches the garter or bouquet is the next person or people to be wed after the bride and groom. No matter what you decide to do on the big day it's sure to be a lot of fun. Good luck and have a great time.

Scroll down for a few song suggestions for the garter toss ceremony.

Beatutiful Black Wedding Garter

Beatutiful Black Wedding Garter
Beatutiful Black Wedding Garter

Toss that Garter

Song Suggestions for Garter Removal

I'm to Sexy- Right Said Fred

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

Private Eyes - Hall & Oats

You Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

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