Which is the best Stretch Mark Cream?

Stretch Mark Cream Scams

First of all, there’s something you need to hear:

There is no stretch mark cream that can completely remove stretch marks

Sorry for the reality check but one of the biggest scams on the internet is people marketing stretch mark cream which promises to cure stretch marks.

Stretch marks come about due to scarring that occurs in the fibres of the deeper layers of the skin which causes an abnormal surface texture. Unfortunately, this damage is irreversible.

However whilst there is no ‘silver bullet’ there are stretch mark creams that can help minimise the appearance of your stretch marks.


Stretch Mark Cream Ingredients

There are a wide variety of stretch mark creams that are available over the counter or online. Some of these are designed to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy whereas others help to reduce the visible appearance of existing stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Creams are usually a combination of natural oils and moisturisers such as:

  • Cocoa butter – a moisturiser known to help smooth marks and tone skin.
  • Coconut oil – a great natural moisturiser
  • Olive oil - one of the richest sources of vitamins A, D and E
  • Aloe Vera - known for its healing and anti inflammatory properties.
  • Rosehip oil - rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and regarded as helping improve the skin texture and tone
  • Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant to help reduce scarring.
  • Sesame oil – a natural antioxidant

These stretch mark cream ingredients are each recognised for their ability to nurture healthy skin, and whilst they may not be able to remove your stretch marks they can help restore suppleness and over time will help stretch mark fade. Stretch mark creams containing these oils can also help prevent new stretch marks occurring.


So which Stretch Mark Cream is the best?

Unfortunately it is impossible to say that one stretch mark cream is better than another as each person’s skin is unique and reacts to treatment differently due to differing amounts and types of collagen, moisture and elastin in your skin. The best option is to try one stretch mark cream and see if you experience results. If not, move to an alternative cream.

Which Stretch Mark Cream to start with?

Treatments such as Bio Oil or Palmers Cocoa Butter are good first products – these two treatments have been on the market for a long time and whilst they do not work for everyone, there are many customers who have found them beneficial as reflected in the many reviews on Amazon.com.

These reviews are a breath of fresh air as they are impartial feedback from real people who have bought the product, rather than marketing hype. What’s more, the price you will pay for a stretch mark cream on Amazon.com is usually much less than in the regular storesfor exactly the same product!

Stretch marks can cause sufferers a lot of distress and embarrassment, however use of a Stretch Mark Cream to treat the appearance of your stretch marks is a positive step towards greater acceptance of the body you live in and a more positive body image.


Stretch Mark Cream Review - Palmer's Cocoa Butter

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