While we women strive to have a thin waist and be skinny

Ioana Spangenberg age 30

this is thin

Many women strive to be thin, but this Romanian model has a naturally tiny waist that measures only 20". She has said that she didn't feel very beautiful until she met her husband. He encouraged her to become a model after posting her pictures online. They both said the response to her pictures was nothing short of amazing.

She states that she struggled with her self-esteem because, in Romania, it's better to be overweight. It seems that overweight women are thought to be from wealthy families. She also states that while her chunkier friends were dating, she was 'sitting home with candy bars hoping to fatten up' she wanted to feel more attractive.

wedding photo

naturally thin

She would like to gain more weight because she thinks she appears 'shocking' to some people. She also says that her small waist means she has a very small stomach. She likens it to having a natural stomach band because if she eats too much she gets physically ill. She has been dubbed as 'the human hourglass' by the media.

She stand at 5'6" and weighs only 84 pounds. Her hips measure 32" but her waist is only 20". She says she weighed a 'normal 7 pounds' at birth but it wasn't until she became a teenager that she noticed she was very 'different' compared to her friends. She says that at age 13 her waist was only 15" and some people could place their hands on her waist and touch their fingers. That's pretty impressive.

She tells the media reporters that her husband, Jan, was the first person to see her as 'beautiful' and she slowly began to feel more comfortable in her skin. She said her waist has made her struggle with self-esteem issues all of her life.

while many women wish to be thin

It just seems funny to me that so many women do wish to be thin, yet this model suffered and agonized over her looks for a good share of her adult life. Yes, this is an extreme when it comes to being thin, so many women think : "If only I were thin, my life would be wonderful." This model proves that being thin does not always mean a great life. She feels she looks abnormal and stayed inside for a long time, wishing to be *sigh* 'fatter' than she really is.

We can only hope women will not try to strive for this impossible size. But she truly is a very fascinating woman. Becoming a model has helped her turn lemons into lemonade. I really wish her well in her modeling career.

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Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

haha...this hub is such a contradiction of what we women usually want/desire.

This lady was sitting at home with candy bars hoping to gain weight!!

I read about this woman in the news and was shocked myself...maybe blame it on her genes.

'am glad her husband is there to boost her self esteem.

voted up!

diogenes 4 years ago

Don't be fooled, fatties! (I'm one, too). Men prefer women with the old 36-24-36 measurements once considered the ideal. No one is really atracted to fat unless they are deviates. It's so common these days to see slim men with lumpy partners, I don't know why.


FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 4 years ago

The reason why being obese was once considered attractive is that food costs money. Unless you have an extremely bad metabolism, you cannot be obese without eating constantly instead of being overweight. Hence, it was a symbol in the middle ages that you were rich - the old standby of money being sexy.

And as far bob's comment is concerned, sadly in today's society Marilyn Monroe IS considered fat.

My own metabolism is quite efficient. Not like this woman, but I am naturally thin and when I am under stress, I have to eat constantly. I ate all the time when I was in university. If I didn't, I couldn't think.

june 4 years ago

ralph lauren would love her

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 4 years ago from North Carolina

She makes David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona look heavy.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

Ruchira: Yes, her picture is rather shocking, since most women do not relate to this kind of figure. I too am glad she has a very supportive husband. Thanks so much for commenting.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

diogenes: LOl I don't fool myself for one minute. Yes, most men want those impossibly thin women for whatever reason. I also have noticed many slim men with those 'lumpy' women. Thanks so much for commenting.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

FloraBreenRobison: I too am the kind of person that when under stress I tend to not eat. Yes, money, in many countries, gives the persona of wealth, you are right. Thanks so much for commenting.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

june: I see that some women's rights activists have been protesting skinny models saying: "Women are not clothes hangers, they are people." Many women are fed up with the look of skinny, or ultra skinny anyway. Thanks so much for commenting.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

Alastar Packer: LOL I hadn't thought about Ziggy Stardust in years, but you are right, she makes Ziggy appear fat. Thanks so much for commenting.

CarolineVABC profile image

CarolineVABC 4 years ago from Castaic

She is "perfect" as a model, and she should not be ashamed of it! Although she could probably stand a little bit more meat, but she is gorgeous the way she is, I think:-). It is true that many women strive to be thin, and I do agree with the above comments that there are many "weight issues/problems and insecurities" that go along with it, especially here in United States where being thin is considered beautiful. If you're not a certain size, then you are considered overweight or "chunky."

It's just so sad that the media (and people in general) put so much attention to outward looks and not enough inwardly. I guess, it is natural, but I think there should be a balance of both. Thank you for sharing this, Bobbi! Another great hub from you:-). Have a lovely and blessed day!!! Voted up-useful/interesting:-).

JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 4 years ago from Deep South, USA

Just think, Bobbi--if I lived in Romania, I'd be the ideal size!

When I was in high school (a very long time ago), there was a girl in my class who had a sixteen-inch waist, but not an hourglass figure to go with it. She was very slim (skinny, actually) all over. She hated her size, because those were the days when Marilyn Monroe WASN'T considered "fat." Ha!

The pendulum may swing regarding fashion, but it swings very slowly relative to how women are "supposed" to look--at least, in the U.S. Models and actresses must starve and work out strenuously every day to remain thin enough for the camera (therefore, bankable). The photos and movies of these women (who would all probably love to eat a real meal) make ordinary women--especially teen girls--think they should conform to this "very thin" media ideal.

Unfortunately, a lot of young women ruin their health with anorexia or bulemia trying to achieve that look, even when most of them weren't anywhere near fat or even overweight at the start of their eating disorder. They just developed a poor self-image trying to meet a false ideal.

I applaud the efforts of people, publications and organizations working to overcome this false ideal of the "perfect" female body and teach women to like themselves and their natural shapes. This doesn't mean women shouldn't try to lose weight for health or beauty reasons, but they should strive to have a healthy self-image so they don't go overboard with it.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

She looks very unhealthy to me. I am sure she can not do anything about her size. I am glad she has someone who loves her. I have to be honest, fat turns me off BIG time. How some women and men can let their bodies bloom with fat hanging everywhere is a mystery to me. Gluttony is an addiction just like drugs or alcohol, but more harmful in my opinion. Very interesting topic Bobbi..Cheers

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

The Finance Hub: I agree, so many women, especially young women, are insecure about weight, especially thanks to the fashion industry. Thanks so much for commenting and welcome to my hub.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

CarolineVABC: Hi Caroline! I guess so many times we read about losing weight that we do not always consider that being naturally thin can be a problem for some people's self-esteem too. I agree. Thanks so much for commenting.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

JayeWisdom: Yes, I think you nailed it with the 'overboard' comment. That's so often what happens to young women and unfortunately too many mothers promote that image to exploit their child too. Thanks so much for commenting.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

always exploring: Hello! You know I always appreciate your honest opinions and I agree that food can far too often be the 'drug of choice' too as you say. Thanks so much for commenting and always great to see you.

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 4 years ago

Society says, "Thin is Beautiful" ...Hollywood chants the same...Young girls STARVE to look like their Favorite Icon...and so it goes. Healthy is a Good steady weight for your body size. But no one sees themselves as others do...and so the beat goes on...and on. A Good thought provoking Hub for Comments Bobbi.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 4 years ago from New York Author

b. Malin: Hi! I think it is odd how we, in modern society, will allow the media to dictate to us how we are supposed to look. Like you say: 'The beat goes on." I totally agree. Thanks so much for commenting.

Peerless 22 months ago

I've been loonikg for a post like this for an age

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