White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold wedding rings have become quite popular in recent years. White gold has been the metal of choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, especially when diamonds are involved.

Women like the way diamonds look in white gold as opposed to yellow gold. There are some two tone options for the die hard yellow gold fan but for now yellow gold makes more of a showing in designer jewelry by designers like Roberto Coin and Marco Bicego.

The one thing that yellow gold does better than white gold is show off texture. White gold has less of that warm buttery feel and may be a bit too stark to convey the richness of relief of intricately detailed designs that have a three dimensional presentation.

White Gold Wedding Ring Design

Since most engagement and wedding ring designers work mostly in the white metal medium, whether its with a 14k white gold wedding ring or 18k, there is a huge selection of white gold wedding ring set styles for women to choose from.

Check out this Solitaire ring style to the right. It has literally been set with diamonds wherever possible and is quite a stunner of an engagement ring design from Ritani.

It can be from a decorated bridal jewelry designer like Michael B or a more generic but fashion forward selection from the likes of manufacturers like Stuller. In addition to the selection available to women that can be browsed in stores as well as online there is the maintenance factor to consider.

Jewelers are used to working with white gold when it comes to bridal jewelry and are aware that routine inspections are necessary of a woman's bridal jewelry in case the rhodium plating on her rings need to be refreshed. Many jewelers like white gold for the simple reason that their customers can keep coming back into the store for often free rhodium plating if the customer originally purchased their white gold diamond wedding ring from them.

The mens white gold wedding ring also happens to be quite popular in the male segment because white metal is considered more masculine. Although some men like the steelier and edgier look of alternative metals like Titanium and Tungsten, the vast majority of men will prefer white gold over all other metals for their wedding rings and even fashion rings.

White Gold Wedding Ring Variations

Just like businesses see an advantage to using office software that is somewhat ubiquitous in their industry for the purposes of being on the same page with their customers and vendors as far as data files and data presentation is concerned so do women like the fact that white gold has become pervasive in bridal jewelry and even fashion diamond rings.

Her white gold three stone ring that she gets for her fifth anniversary will go with her white gold diamond eternity wedding band that she just got just updated which will go with her original white gold engagement ring. Check out how nicely the canary yellow diamond center stone shows up in this three stone ring top right. There is no better backdrop for colored diamonds than white gold.

She does not have second guess herself and men also have a simpler choice to make. They don't have to guess which metal their wife will want for her next jewelry piece.He can be sure that if he gets it for her in white gold, it will go with the rest of her diamond jewelry wardrobe. Even if he gets her an 18k white gold wedding ring instead of a 14k one, they can still be assured that the color will be the same for both metals. Yellow gold on the other hand can show a difference in color between the two gold karatages.

White Gold Wedding Ring Styles.

Even when women confine themselves to white gold as their metal of choice they still have to decide whether they want a Modern, Classic or vintage styled white gold wedding ring. Also available are themed styled wedding rings like a white gold Celtic wedding ring, a Claddagh style ring, a yoga styled ring and any other of myriad themes that you find in contemporary jewelry.

You can even have a fashion forward white gold wedding ring band with a contemporary twist like this black and white swirl white gold diamond wedding band

Shapes and colors of diamonds now cover a much broader range then their used to be. With heat and radiation treatments you can get virtually any color of diamond you wish, you don't have to save up a fortune to own a blue diamond wedding ring or have a canary yellow diamond center in your three stone ring.

Diamond cutting used to be configured as a cottage industry utilizing low cost labor in far flung countries. Now diamond cutting has gone high tech with computer analysis of the mathematical arrangement of diamond facets that result in superior light return.

Where to Buy Your White Gold Wedding Ring

There are innumerable places to buy your white gold wedding ring. The most popular place to research your purchase is on the internet. If you are shopping for an engagement ring with a center stone and are not concerned about designer mountings from the likes of Tacori and Ritani, then shopping at online stores like Blue Nile, Whiteflash and James Allen would be a good bet for getting the highest quality for the best price.

You can also do research on these sites and others for center stone diamonds if you want to shop at a local jewelry store with a physical store front. You can research the pros and cons of different types of mountings and many online stores only sell what they have in stock rather than relying on a merchandise memo service from a manufacturer for their solitaire diamonds.

So not only do they have diamond center stones for you to choose from, they also have a facility to build your own ring on their website using the various components that you prefer since their can be so many combinations of mountings and setting as shown in the image below

Choose Your Own Wedding Ring Components

Shopping Online For a White Gold Wedding Ring

You may or you may not get a better price from a physical jewelry store, it really depends on the diamond being considered. Many online stores do not house their own inventory and sometimes if you call them up they cannot tell you what it looks like because the item is being held by the original wholesaler/manufacturer and would be put on memo to the online retailer if a customer expressed interest in ordering it.

Benefits Of Shopping With A Reputable Brick and Mortar

The service benefits of purchasing your diamond wedding ring at a respected local jeweler can be valuable if you are going with a designer mounting whether it be from Tacori, Ritani, Hearts on Fire or Cento.

You will definitely want to have the support of your jeweler in situations where five years down the road one of your prongs needs to replaced or the ring needs to be sized or one of yopur pave set side diamonds has fallen out. Your local jeweler if he/she has an in house jewelry shop will be more supportive in these situations if you have purchased the ring and diamond from him/her.

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