Wholesale Silver Chains

If you're in the jewelry retail business and you're not carrying sterling silver chains then you're probably missing out. If you're carrying sterling silver pendants and other types of silver jewelry, then you definitely need sterling silver chain jewelry as a complementary line of merchandise that you can use as an add-on to a sale.

Wholesale silver chains are readily available from manufacturers and wholesalers across the country. For the most part many of these chains are manufactured in China or Thailand or some other far Eastern country. Many of the higher quality ones are made in Italy and their designs are so good that they are often mistaken for white gold.

Where To Find Wholesale Silver Chains For Your Business

A good place to look for silver chains at wholesale prices are the jewelry trade shows that take place around the country at different times of the year in major cities like New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles and many others.

Typically you need proof of business so that you can get into the show and benefit from the wholesale pricing for the trade only. Usually in clients are not allowed in the show for purchasing since this would defeat the purpose of it being a trade only show with requirements for proof of business.

This will involve presenting a business card, pictures of your business storefront whether online or physical and a business license of some kind that you would ordinarily need to conduct retail business in a town or city.

Establishing A Buying Relationship

Once you are in the show then it is up to the discretion of the vendor whether they wish to give you credit for not depending on your business credit rating or recommendation from other vendors that you know.

If the vendor doesn't know you then they will probably request cash upfront for any merchandise you wish to order. It's a good idea to look at all the offerings available at the show before you buy so that you may conserve your cash and get a wide variety of merchandise for whatever cash you have if you are unable to get credit.

Once you find silver chain wholesalers that carry a good range of merchandise at good prices then it's time to start the buying process since the shows on the last two or three days and most of the merchandise will be sold-out if you go on the last day.

At any tradeshow cash is king and so you're better off getting started on the buying process fairly quickly so you can secure the best merchandise at the best price.

Once you've started a transaction with the vendor and follow-up with further transactions than a relationship will be established. After the second or third purchase the vendor may offer you credit of 30 days.

Stock Deep Instead Of Wide To Begin

Sterling silver jewelry is not expensive to stock and it behooves you to have a good selection of sterling silver chains to appeal to all types of clients. If you want you can stick to the basic links and try to get an assortment of lengths and gauges to suit your customers various needs.

Also make sure you stock mens silver chain items as well. When you start out it's probably better to go deep in your silver chain necklace selection with respect to length and gauge rather than style. Of course something like the silver curb chain style is a basic type of chain link that you should stock.

You can always stock up on styles that go beyond basic like antique silver chains ,exotic Italian silver chains and silver bead chains at a later time.

It's far better to have the length and gauge of silver necklace available in basic styles for your customer so that they are aware that you have the stock to satisfy their needs.

For instance you should carry often asked for long silver chain merchandise that is over 22 inches in length for women who like to wrap their necklaces several times around their neck for a layered look. And If they need something more specific in terms of a particular style of link you can always do a special order for them.

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