Why Do Men Prefer Long Hair on Women?

Long Hair Vs. Short

I've had long hair for most of my life, but there have been a few times where I was brave and cut it short.  Yesterday, I went from a medium length to a short hairstyle.  All my female friends say "it's cute," but my husband and sons said absolutely nothing.  I really liked the style until I came home and was met with silence....

Why do men prefer long hair on women?  I've wondered that for most of my life.  I get frustrated with being chubby and my long hair making me look uglier.  Shorter hair perks up my face.  It seems like all my husband cares about is the length.  He likes it long, even if the style looks hideous on me.  Apparently, scientists believe the hair length preference relates to some biological programming that makes men see long hair as a sign of fertility and health in a potential mate.  It makes sense, but I'd like to think that the modern man could get past old biological programming.

Kate Gosselin is almost unrecognizable with new hair extensions.  It sems to change the shape of her face.
Kate Gosselin is almost unrecognizable with new hair extensions. It sems to change the shape of her face.

Short Hair Can Be Sexy

Nobody can convince me that short hair isn't as attractive or sexy as long hair.  There are some amazing styles that show off and frame the beauty of a woman's face.  Hair length doesn't need to detract from femininity.  A woman with more masculine features won't necessarily look more feminine with long hair.  She may end up looking like a drag queen. 

In trying to find some answers on this topic, I was horrified to find stories of men ending relationships because the woman cut her hair short.  I've also had personal experience with men who insist to their girlfriend or wife that she never cut her hair short.  I had a tough time overcoming that bias.  Honestly, I feel better with a cute new hairstyle.  That should really be the important thing.  My husband has gradually learned to accept it, but I know he still prefers the long hair.  I do miss the long hair at times.  When I dance at powwows, I won't be able to wear beautiful braids and hair wraps.  There is also a drawer full of hair accessories that are now going unused.

My advice to women who are confronted with a boyfriend or spouse who doesn't support short hair is to get your man to reword the question.  It's not long hair versus short hair, it's having your woman happy with how she looks versus being miserable with how she looks.  I know I'll be sexier when I feel better about myself.

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meeta 6 years ago

long hair is more feministic

jennifersbenson profile image

jennifersbenson 5 years ago from Canberra, Australia

I have done it all, super short hair, medium length hair and long hair. While my girlfriends loved my short hair, I did not receive as many dates as when my hair was medium length and when my hair was long...forget about it, I couldn't beat them off with a stick.

From my own personal experience, long hair on a woman (on me for example) produced far better results.

Short hair for a woman is empowering, you feel good about yourself, while long hair, is more attractive to the males.

My theory is it goes back to our basic instincts. Men want something to hold onto during mating. I might be wrong on this but me and my girlfriends like to joke about how long hair brings men back to their caveman days.

We have fun with the idea.

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 5 years ago from North Carolina, USA

I keep my hair long and pulled back because it is easy. I have too many interesting things to do to be spending time maintaining a hairstyle. Maybe I'm lazy,but I'd rather read, knit, write, talk to my kids.......than color, cut, mousse, etc.

Anjili profile image

Anjili 4 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

It all depends on preference. I've met many women with short hair and they just look fine. I have also noted that most women have finely shaped skulls too. There are a few masculine block-shaped heads that make me smile often. Don't fear the cut. Nice share.

susan 2 years ago

I have had long hair for many years the only reason that l have big bust and people keep looking, at present it is below my wait the only problem with lot off hair take long time to dry and it is very heavy lam lucky my husband has the pleasure off washing my hair in the bath

joan 2 years ago

l have been married for thirty years only it is know down to the floor all the same length only go first time this year to have the ends trim and the old fashion razer scissors to thin it out just to say to other woman if your hair is very thick like my hair it take some time to do and does hurt if when it through it james up also make sure you have bra on as through the hair scissors are very sharp My uncle is retired barber so he did it for me in his shed the first time he did my hair was dry the way he does it lets my hair down over my head just lots off hair like sheep l can see nothing and does centre parting starts from top of head to floor as I said before my hair was so thick it ready hurt Done it again but this time he washed my hair so it was wet much better just to to say I would never cut short when we have sex it helps if he is shagging me from the rear he can pull hair

susan 2 years ago

l have long hair some time its below my waist one reason that I have big bust often do not wear bra and walking along the street people look so when hair is down they are covered. also my husband put my hair down and covers my face all he sees long long hair and use full tool for sex from behind pull hard on all the hair

joan 2 years ago

my comments are I have long hair down to floor l had same problem hair so thick l got the old type thinker razer scicssors as with the last person joan our famer son did the same thing did it out the back garden

her to bend head over so hair went over face just some advice in my case have big bust but was not wearing it scissors very sharp.one other point to make say to other woman grow your hair long nothing like when he is shagging from the rear and pull hard on your hair and your head is coming back towards him

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