Wide Leg Khakis

Who does not need wide leg khakis? These classic slacks should be a staple of every person's wardrobe. Men, women, and even children alike can get such great use from these trousers.

Generally made mostly of cotton, khakis are extremely comfortable. Many women's khakis are also made with a bit of spandex, providing a very flexible fit. Khakis do not bind and are not too heavy for bending, sitting, walking, or dancing!

Wide leg khakis can be worn on the beach, in the office, and out to eat. Khakis usually come in neutral colors such as tan, olive, or green. The wide leg version in particular can be a great, slender look for the woman with curvy hips, as the flare at the bottom of the pant leg balances out the rest of her curves. For men and kids, wide legs are very fashionable right now.

One of the best things about khakis is that they will not break your bank! They are very affordable and can range in price anywhere from fifteen to fifty dollars, more or less. It is also quite easy to find khakis, as most stores that carry any kind of clothing now carry them. Since wide legs are all the rage, most retail clothing venues will also carry the wide leg version.  Finding them on sale is usually no problem, either.

What can you wear with wide leg khakis? This is another great aspect of the pants because the answer is: just about anything. If you are going for a hike, a t-shirt can be worn. Additionally, since the fabric of the pants is such a neutral color you could wear solids, stripes, and polka dots. The same is true for the office. Just change the t-shirt to a blouse or polo, and add a blazer. This is especially true for women. Here, men need to be a bit careful, though, since often times the wide leg khaki look for them can look a bit like a cargo pant, which is probably too casual for the office. That is, unless it's Friday and casual day!

Therefore, wide leg khakis are a really smart choice for a great pant that can be worn just about anywhere, with just about anything. Whether you intend to wear them to the office or the carnival, they are form flattering, in style, and will not cost you a fortune. They are a practical yet fun choice for all genders and all ages, all over.


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