Winter Coat

Winter is inevitable in most parts of the world. Cold temperatures, snow, hail and cold winds are a part of life if you live in a country that has four seasons. Not that having four seasons doesn't have it's advantages. It's unfortunate that for many months of the year, it means putting away the beach gear, the shorts, the tank tops and taking out the cold weather gear. Wool sweaters, long johns, mittens and hats are staples of winter weather but there is one very important item that you cannot go without if you dare to venture outside is snow and subzero temperatures; the winter coat.

Winter coats are different from other seasonal coats in that they are designed specifically for cold weather and the various precipitation that comes with it. There are many reasons why it is important that you invest in a winter coat if you live in a cold climate and here are some of those reasons:

  1. Even though you may not venture outside very often and even when you do, it's from the house to the car and car to house, that doesn't mean that you could get caught in a situation where you will be outside in the cold and you don't want that to happen when you are not dressed for it! Your car could break down, the power could go out at your house during a storm, you may have to spend a lot time outside shoveling snow or, if you have kids, they may want you to join them at an outdoor skating rink or at the ski hill.
  2. A winter coat will come in handy if you are invited to go somewhere that involves being outdoors. If a friend calls and asks you to spend a day on his skidoo or someone invites you to join them for a day of skiing or other winter activity, would you want to have to turn it down because you don't have the proper winter coat?
  3. Winter coats typically last longer than other seasonal coats so you will have it for years to come and it will always be there in your closet when you need it.
  4. Venturing outdoors in very cold temperatures can be dangerous. Even if you don't feel cold, you could be doing damage by not protecting yourself with warm clothing.

Winter coats come in a sorts of colors, styles, sizes and brands and some even come with interesting perks such as liners and extra pockets to store supplies. The thickness of your weather coat should correspond with the average temperatures in your area. The colder it gets, the thicker your coat should be. A coat with a removable liner can double as a winter coat and spring coat. The prices for winter coats vary but typically, a good winter coat would cost about $150. Of course, some will be more than that while others will cost a lot more. It is a good idea to try and buy it during the summer months if any are still in stock from last season because they will be on sale.

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colm.flanagan profile image

colm.flanagan 6 years ago

cool hub..some sick choices!.. ive done some hubs on fashion too,check them out.:) also i would reccomend this site its their top 5 jackets for winter.they are pretty SICK!!

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