Women's Bohemian Tops: Vintage Natural Boho

Bohemian Top

This is a great example of a bohemian top, yet it's more of a costume party top.
This is a great example of a bohemian top, yet it's more of a costume party top.

Bohemian Style Tops

Boho tops are usually colorful interesting patterned print tops that give you a bohemian or vintage style look. Bohemian tops are made to mimic the original women's bohemian dresses.

One of the most popular fashion styles that recently made a comeback is the women's boho or women's boho chic style. Boho stands for bohemian, which originated in the early 1900s and resurfaced in the 1960s and finally came back again. Bohemian styles originated from the gypsies who wore colorful layered dresses, dancing, and entertaining.  Logically, bohemian style clothing is often worn at music concerts.

Boho has usually been a symbol of nonconformity or rebellion, and has at times been associated with activists. Now, women's boho style is as mainstream as any many other popular styles. Find the right boho top for you and you will surely get some compliments and draw some attention. Boho tops provide you the chance to wear boho without wearing a dress. You can accessorize just as you would if you were wearing a dress.

The most pure form of bohemian top you will find will look the most like the traditional gypsy top, but most of the boho tops these days are more modernized.  When looking for a bohemian top, it is good to have in mind the roots of the style before shopping.  This will allow you to discern the poor examples that are mass produced and make you look tacky at the least.

Boho is a free spirited style, so look for something that pushes the limits and yet looks classy.  modern boho tops include blouses, shirts, and tunics.  Find the fit that works best for you.  For example, you don't want to wear a boho top like the one pictured unless you can pull off showing your belly.  It's debatable even if you can pull it off whether you should anyway.

Bohemian Blouse

This boho blouse is common, and that's not always a good thing.
This boho blouse is common, and that's not always a good thing.

Modern Boho Blouses

The most common bohemian top you will find is a modernized version of a tunic shirt that has been "fitted" like a blouse. These are modernized versions of boho that allow you to take part in the trend without having to do much actual wardrobe planning. Features usually include:

  1. Thin synthetic material (instead of cotton, linen, or wool)
  2. Printed bold colors (instead of embroidered stitching or layers)
  3. Very short sleeves (instead of long or three quarter length sleeves)
  4. Tight fitting (instead loose fit)

When shopping for these types of boho blouses, ask yourself if you want to look like you just went and grabbed something off the shelf to fit in.  Throwing on one of these tops and a pair of jeans makes you more of a wanna be boho more than anything. These styles of bohemian tops are usually more tacky and sometimes totally unflattering.

Boho Skirts look Natural

This understated look proves that it's not all about color when you are coordinating a bohemian style look.
This understated look proves that it's not all about color when you are coordinating a bohemian style look.

Plain Top and Bohemian Skirt

The previous boho tops were less than pure because they were modern blouses with a boho print.  That is all that made them bohemian style.  Another option you have is to use the tops you already have and buy a boho skirt.  This usually looks more genuine than your average boho chic top and jeans or black pants because the bohemian clothing generally gets more volume as you travel from neck to feet.  The layers of the traditional boho clothing would flower out toward the bottom.

The formula is simple for this more tasteful look.  Buy a boho skirt and match it up with the plain tops you already own.  Plain colors seem to work the best because they are more of a frame or background. If you wear plaid or stripes you might end up with a busy and confusing look.  This is a good casual pairing that will work for many occasions in the spring through fall.

Tie Dye Top

The most simple, yet technically boho style top
The most simple, yet technically boho style top

Simplest Boho Top

The most simple "bohemian top" you can wear is the tie dyed t-shirt. It's a classic dress down bohemian style top that never seems to go all the way out of style.

Anyone can make their own tie dye shirt, so the craftiness of it makes it easy and fun. Don't plan on pulling off a tie dye t-shirt in any situations but the most casual, but it is a boho option.

Tips for Buying a Boho Top

Ask yourself these questions when choosing a bohemian top to get the best looking you in the clothes that you buy:

  1. Are these clothes flattering to my body? If you have large arms or a large butt, you are going to have to think about that when buying. Generally, traditional boho dresses and tops look good on larger women, but the modern tight fitting blouses usually don't do anything for your fat arms or belly rolls.
  2. What kind of material is this bohemian top made of? Bohemian clothing should be as natural as possible. Genuine materials include cotton, wool, linen, and even leather and silk. Stay away from anything that can't be grown or harvested from an animal.
  3. What colors look good on me? You probably already know what colors look great on you. It shouldn't be any different, but some people get distracted by the pretty patterns and colors and don't think about the context.
  4. How will I accessorize? Accessories can make or break an outfit, and if you don't have boho consistent accessories it won't matter how great the top is. Once again, natural materials are best including wood, stone, or silver cuff bangles, leather cuffs, glass beads, leather sandals, over-sized ear rings, etc.

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