Wooden Jewelry boxes For Her

Wooden jewelry boxes serve many different purposes are far as the storage of jewelry is concerned. many people venture off to the far east and pick up various antique wooden jewelry boxes or those handmade wooden jewelry boxes with intricate carvings of animals and gods. many such boxes come from India and China and are passed from family member down through the generations.

They rather look like unfinished wooden jewelry boxes because the carving are fairly rough and the wood has uneven grain. Sandalwood is one of the more popular woods used for jewelry boxes made in India because it is fairly hard and durable and has a wonderful fragrance. These are wonderful decorative boxes but what you really need are the fine quality boxes that are made like modern pieces of furniture to store as well as organize your jewelry in a series of drawers just like your clothes.

Organizing a Wooden Jewelry Box

Women's jewelry boxes have a range of sizes to accommodate jewelry collections that are truly huge all the way down to just a few important pieces. They are mostly made from oak, teak, burl wood or mahogany depending on the type of decor. Large storage pieces can be the size of a dresser with drawers and cabinet doors and are typically referred to as armoires since they are really pieces of furniture rather then just boxes. The finishes are usually glossy and are chosen blend appropriately with the surrounding furniture.

Organization is usually of paramount importance when it comes to large jewelry boxes. Women are able to find their jewelry because there are separate drawers for earrings, rings, bracelets etc. Usually rings are the easiest to store in handcrafted wooden jewelry boxes because all you really need are slotted trays with an assortment of slot sizes to accommodate anything from small thin bands to very wide cuff rings. These trays will fit into any shallow drawer and will usually have a hinged clear glass top in the lid. Many of the fabrics used in these trays are made from anti tarnish fabrics so even if you storing 925 silver rings they won't oxidize as quickly and will keep their bright finish for some time.

Mounted Wooden Jewelry Armoires

Necklaces on the other hand will fit into flat trays. They can also be hung on hooks mounted into the cabinet doors of armoires. Pendants can either be hung on the necklaces themselves or be stored in small containers. These can be plastic petri dishes so the pendants can be seen or you can get small wholesale wooden jewelry boxes by the dozen to store your pendants.

You can use different colored jewelry boxes for different types of jewelry. For instance you can use white wooden jewelry boxes for silver jewelry and maybe carved wooden jewelry boxes for gold jewelry. Wall curios are wooden cabinets that look like medicine cabinets that can be locked. They are flatter than a medicine cabinet and usually have a mirror on the door and are made of fine woods like Cherry or Burl. They work great for hanging necklaces and are only two or three inches thick and so are fairly unobtrusive but at the same time decorative and functional. Take a look at the ones in the image below. See how flush they are to the wall?

Wooden Musical Jewelry Boxes

Wooden musical jewelry boxes are usually a little bigger than most other boxes because they have to house the musical element. These remind me of the wooden ballerina jewelry boxes of old that were so much fun to wind up and watch in the good old days.These are typically used as place holders for jewelry that is worn everyday. Not many women forget to put on all their regular jewelry everyday but those that do often use musical boxes that play whenever the lid is opened. This creates a habit so that you never forget to open that box to reach for the jewelry that you need to put on in the morning.

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