Wool Coats

A good wool coat is a staple for winter dressing.  No matter what the occasion or outfit, a coat is the piece that can pull an entire look together.  As many people buy coats that are meant to last for at least one season, if not more, finding one in a style that is versatile and can easily be dressed up or down is crucial to being happy with your choice.  There are a number of timeless options that have remained chic for years.  If you are interested finding a coat that will look just as good a few years in the future as it does now, there are a few styles that you should look for.

The pea coat is the classic wool style.  Usually hip length, they are marked by their double breasted design.  Traditional pea coats are generally patterned after those worn by sailors, and may have retained the epaulets that were a part of the original design.  Navy and black are the two most popular colors for both men and women.  However, women's coats in bold reds also have a quality that transcends trends.  When shopping for a pea coat, fit at the shoulders is important  Make sure that it allows enough room at the shoulders to resist bunching, but that the body is still slim and fitted. 

Knee length or top coats are another popular style in wool. They look impeccable whether they are being worn over a suit to the office, or over formal wear for a night out. The key to the knee length coat is the nipped waist. Without this definition, they can look too baggy and become sloppy. Both men's and women's coats will often feature darting along the waist. Some styles will incorporate this darting into the aesthetic of the coat, while others will keep the tailoring hidden. Both are chic ways to get the cut that is featured on high fashion runways each year.

Without a doubt, the trench coat has been enjoying a moment of resurgence. While they were original designed as rain gear, there are now a number of everyday winter options in thick wools. One of the best features of the trench is the belted waist. Cinching the waist will instantly make any coat look as though it was made specifically to fit you. These styles are much more forgiving in terms of tailoring, and the options for embellishment are endless. For those considering a trench coat, do not shy away from introducing some color, even if it is just in the lining.

Finding the right wool coats that you will love from season to season really depends upon finding the right one for your body type and lifestyle. If you are someone who would prefer not to invest in a new piece every year, consider selecting a coat in one of the above mentioned classic styles. This will guarantees that your coat will never look outdated and you will always be perfectly dressed. If you are shopping for a winter coat, keep in mind that the best prices can often be found in these waning winter months.

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colm.flanagan 5 years ago

Some cool choices, just on the lookout for a winter jacket and this should help.:) Did some hubs on fashion myself, check them out..

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