World's No 1 Costly Wrist Watch Price $25 Million

$25 Million Watch

This is well known to all that when we think about any luxury, precision then every one first think Swiss watches. Chopard also well known for there Jewelries, Perfume and even eye wear and they are also the manufacturer of world's No.1 expensive watch "Chopard 201-Carat".

This masterpiece having worth of $25 million for its superb and critic design. It designed by 874 total of diamond in various shaped,color weight and size. 3 heart-shaped Diamonds, 289 pear-shaped diamonds, 139 round-shaped diamonds and 443 yellow diamonds. It has inimitable design and tackles that consider the face of the watch to open up like petals of flowers.
This expensive watch not only show or tells you the time but also tells the world about your value.

$25 Million Watch

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