Wrecking Balm at Walmart? Better keep your Receipt...

Have ya heard the news?  Wrecking Balm is now available at Walmart.  You might be excited to hear about this.  After all, if you're reading this article you probably have a tattoo that you want to get rid of.  Maybe you had a mid-life crisis or just went wild one day, but the truth is we all make mistakes.  Unfortunately, tattoos are usually considered a permanent mistake.  But with tattoo fade away creams on the market, that is starting to change.  Only thing is, they are not all created equally.

Why am I telling you this you might be wondering?  Well Wrecking Balm, a company that markets a totally ineffective tattoo fade away cream (I would know, I've used it before) has just teamed up with the giant retailer Walmart and will be selling their product in select locations.  Yes, Wrecking Balm doesn't work and Yes, it is a waste or your time and energy... but the point is they are selling it at Walmart and everyone who has ever shopped in one before knows what Walmart is famous for - they'll take back anything you want to return! 

So, here is the scenario I imagine happening.  Some guy wakes up one day and decides he hates his tattoo, its bringing him down and doesn't fit anywhere in his life anymore.  He sees they are selling some tattoo fading cream called Wrecking Balm in Walmart that day and says - Eureka! This is gonna be my ticket out of one ugly tattoo!  After a few fruitless months following the directions and applying Wrecking Balm everyday it hits him - this stuff isn't doing anything to my tattoo and it never will.  Thats because Wrecking Balm doesn't actually fade away tattoos.  It comes with a little handheld machine that looks like a sander that fools people into thinking this is gonna work.  Really it just lightens your skin a bit, but the tattoo remains.  So now this guy goes back into Walmart, returns the Wrecking Balm, and gets his money back.

This is a good thing because it means everyone who purchases Wrecking Balm at Walmart won't get burned, they'll get their money back after returning it.  And then maybe they'll be ready to try a product that really does what it says - fade away unwanted tattoos.  Tat B Gone is the original tattoo fading cream and the only one that works.  You won't find it in Walmart, but I can tell you if your serious about removing a tattoo its the only way to go.  The fact that Tat B Gone gets the majority of its business from customer referrals says it all.  I used TBG after being disappointed and disheartened from the results I got from Wrecking Balm.  I pretty much wrote off all products that claimed to fade tattoos but when a friend bought me Tat B Gone I decided to give it a go.  Half a year later, my tattoo is nearly invisible and I couldn't be happier!

So go ahead and buy Wrecking Balm at Walmart.  I know you are going to take it back when you realize it doesn't do anything.  It doesn't even have any ingredients that could fade a tattoo.  But lucky for you and countless others out there, you will get your money back and then maybe you will do your homework and decide to try a product that works.  Tat B Gone has been around for nearly a decade and you can join myself and all the other satisfied customers out there who've removed their unwanted tattoos. 

Tat B Gone Fade Away Cream

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LydiaTheTattooedLady 6 years ago

Considering that both of your reviews are ads for Tat B Gone, I'm led to believe this is a scam.

mike 6 years ago

Yea the whole thing sounds like an ad for tat b gone, I too believe this is a scam.

matt 5 years ago

its confirmed a scam the only way to remove tattoos is a laser

Greg 4 years ago

Tattoo artist just told me that Wrecking Balm does work.

Unknown 3 years ago

Unknown message

Lyndsey 2 years ago

Does tat be gone work? Does wrecking balm work?? Idk what to believe help me!!!!

gepeTooRs 9 months ago

Woah this weblog is magnificent i love studying your posts. Stay up the great paintings! You understand, lots of people are looking round for this information, you could help them greatly.

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