Wristband and Ankleband Tattoos Are Becoming More Popular

Your wrist and your ankle are attractive and fitting parts of your body to receive a bracelet tattoo design. A lot of different variations and styles can be seen within this type of tattoo theme. Men more than women prefer the bracelet design tattoo around the ankle. Ironically, both men and women are partial to body art around the wrist.


Inspirations for bracelet tattoo designs can come from many venues. Natures and flowers are some examples. The tattoo can have a floral or a butterfly design. These kinds of designs make the tattoo look like they are going naturally around the things that you put within them. Some popular wrist or ankle tattoo designs are a tribal or Celtic tattoo which adds character and can give the personality that can display your tribal instincts or theme. If you are a religious person, rosary beads can display your spirituality at the same time would look great as a bracelet tattoo design. If you are a nature lover, you can design a bracelet tattoo that will look like a vine or plant that is intertwining your body part.


If you are thinking about getting a bracelet tattoo design in this area remember that your level of pain will be higher because there is less fat and more nerve endings in these areas and this will be painful during the tattoo process. If you have never had a tattoo you might want to get a tattoo in a less painful area to see how you will adjust to the pain. But if you can get through the agony the wrist bracelet tattoo will be something that you cherish for a lifetime.


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theherbivorehippi profile image

theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

ooooh..I've been dying to get a wrist a tattoo! Hopefully soon! Great hub!

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