Sunny Fairytale Yellow Panty Lingerie

Yellow, a bright color that lifts the spirits and brings joy to those that look upon it. For a mysterious reason best known to the gods of lingerie marketing, yellow lingerie is a relative rarity. Oh there's plenty of black and white and beige stuff out there, and if you like blue and pink you're not likely to be disappointed, but yellow bursts forth but rarely on the lingerie racks of the world and perhaps it is time that changed. In spite of its endangered status on the lingerie list, there are some brilliant yellow panty gems out there just waiting to be discovered and I have taken it upon myself to deliver them unto you for your perusal.

Blush Fairydust High Hipster Panty

An incredible pair of light lace panties in a gorgeous pastel lemon color that is certain to delight. A perfect panty for men, or for women looking for panties that don't sit just below that little pooch everyone gets once they hit 25 years of age. I love these panties for their winsome appeal, their truly fairy tale princess look that combines femininity and innocence in one incredibly lovely package.

honeydew Polka Dot Mesh

And now for something completely different, and boy, are these panties completely different. A mesh rumba panty with oodles of yellow and blue ruffles, these are surely panties for the panty aficionado who things he or she already owns all the panties in the world. These are bright, playful and inherently alluring panties that will round out any panty collection.

Natori Dragon Flower

Natori says that these panties are yellow. I tend to think they might secretly be beige at heart, but Natori is an influential designer far greater than I and if she says that these panties are 'Canary' in color, then I will have to defer to her better judgment. The lovely bold floral patterns that wind their way across these entirely lace panties are guaranteed to send you into paroxysms of lingerie inspired joy, or at least make you smile secretly in staff meetings, either way, you win with these panties.

honeydew Argyle Boyshort

honeydew makes another appearance on this list because it makes another incredibly innovative argyle style boyshort panty lined with thick yellow lace. These panties also come in purple and in black and pink. If you like these, don't waste time, they're on close out at the moment and may soon fade from existence entirely. As with all these pieces, they're featured and can be purchased on

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Mike 6 years ago

The Fairy dust high hipster is beautiful. However unlike yourself, I would prefer it to be cut as a "traditional" hipster. There is an obvious seam along the true hipline, and if this were the "waistband" I'd be all over these panties. Or rather, I'd have them over me.

Also. The Nori Dragon Flower most likely IS a very pale yellow ( certainly not "canary" ). Which just does not lend itself to photography. A model with a darker skin tone, might have served better. I love a well tanned woman in yellow.

Thank you for including us in your "quest?" for the greatest of panties. You are surely among, if no the most beloved women on the internet.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Why thank you Mike, you are too kind :) I notice that the lingerie models chosen seem to have a fairly uniform skin tone, you don't see too many pale ladies, and when it comes to lingerie, it's almost as if black people don't exist... I feel a hub coming on.

Mike 6 years ago

The many followers of "He Wears Panties" should take it upon ourselves to send links to your reviews to various lingerie manufactures. Along with the various responses,n as to what men ( and women ), are looking for in our quest. There could be a whole new career as an industry consultant. And I could see them battling for the "Hope Alexander" line.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

A Hope Alexander line, wouldn't that be nice ;)

Dave 6 years ago

profile image

celtichic 6 years ago

My favorite is the Blush Fairydust and the Natori panties here, although yellow does not look good on me. The designs are lovely. I think the greatest panties are made in Japan, by Walcoal and perhaps Natori. Fortunately for us men now, Walcoal makes panties for the U.S. and other countries that are of a little larger fit than those sold exclusively in Japan.

I second Mike's opinion above of you, Hope. Your Hubs have brightened my life, as I am sure you have for thousands of other lingerie-wearing men. Speaking of "brightening", how about featuring new "pink" panties again soon!

Mike 6 years ago

"A Hope Alexander line, wouldn't that be nice ;)"

Not to be mistaken as making a prurient request for your "toss outs". I think I speak for many, in saying. I would be honored to spend a day, "walk a mile" in your panties.

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