Yin Yang Best Friend Necklaces

All About Yin Yang Best Friend Necklaces

What Are Best Friend Necklaces?

Best Friend Necklaces are popular little pieces of interactive jewelry that are favored by trendy teens and tweens. They are noted for their unique design - two separate necklaces actually come together to form a full image (like the yin yang best friend necklace shown above). The symbolic meaning of this physical design is very rich: it expresses a friendship in which it takes two individuals to form a whole - a friendship so meaningful that each friend is only "half" complete when alone!

Why Choose a Yin Yang Best Friend Necklace?

There are many different types of best friend necklace designs that are popular these days: soccer balls, suns, moons, mood best friend necklaces and even different planets make for great best friend necklace pendants. However, there is one design in particular that is especially well suited to being made into best friend necklaces, and that is the yin yang.

The yin yang is an ancient Chinese symbol that was designed to express a fundamental world view held by many religious elite at the time. The entirety of the yin yang and its circumference represent reality - all of the world and universe and experience and metaphysics in one frame; the totality and oneness of all.

Meanwhile, the most iconic feature of the yin yang, the two swirling halves, are equally balanced and yet totally opposite in color. This expresses a complex and nuanced understanding of duality: there cannot be light without dark, there cannot be hot without cold (or, more importantly, we can't understand or make sensical use of the concept "hot" without negatively comparing it to the concept "cold"), just as there cannot be life without death.

By inserting a dot of the opposite color into each of the two halves, the creators of the yin yang demonstrated how the seed of something is embedded in its opposite - there is a little bit of love in hate just as there is a little bit of hate in love.

These philosophical underpinnings aside, yin yang best friend necklaces are not only classy but also profound. You can feel confident that the two friends wearing yin yang best friend necklaces are the thinking type.

The actual shape of yin yang best friend necklaces also plays in perfectly to the yin yang's fundamental outline and meaning. When together, two best friends can assemble their entire yin yang best friend necklace, just as they will be assembling their two personalities into a harmonious whole.

Although some other best friend necklaces suffering from a less than harmonious separation, certain shapes don't look half as good when you're only looking at one friend's segment of them, each half of yin yang best friend necklaces still looks pretty cool on it's own. Even when the two friends sharing yin yang best friend necklaces go their separate ways, they'll each be wearing a balanced and intriguing shape that's quite beautiful in its own right. Enjoy!

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