Your Mother's Day Gift - Give Her Craft Supplies, Natural Cosmetics or Embellished Candles

Cherries Make Great Lip Color

Using fresh fruits for cosmetics is not only natural, but yummy!
Using fresh fruits for cosmetics is not only natural, but yummy! | Source

Does she like crafts?

Want to make your own Mother’s Day presents this year? There are lots of ideas to choose from, and many of them are inexpensive.

Is Mom a crafty person, does she like to make or embellish things? You can often find deals on craft supplies or scrapbook supplies if you start looking ahead of time. One of the most fun things Ruth in Lake Oswego got from her adult child as a gift was a paint-by-number kit. Another mom got a Bedazzler set and has been having a blast with it. If she crochets or knits, get her a couple of skeins of designer organic yarn.

Go to a thrift store and buy her a pair of metal knitting needles - they’ll look just about the same as brand new, and if you clean them and package them right, she’ll never know where you got them. Plastic ones aren’t as good. If she likes mosaic-making or stained glass, buy her a few pieces of the glass she’s been looking for, glass isn’t usually expensive for smaller sizes.

Take it Naturally

Does she spend time on her looks? Give her a set of healthful, natural cosmetics products and turn her loose alone for a while. There are lots of things at the grocer that are very beneficial toward hygiene and natural beauty, they feel good and are very simple to make.

Natural Lip Gloss: Buy a few cherries (about four), remove the seeds and chop or macerate the fruit well. Add ½ tsp. sugar or corn syrup, mix and set aside in a warm room. In a few minutes stir them again and more of the fruit’s juices will be apparent. Another thirty minutes and the cherries will effectively be ‘juiced’ in order to mix in the oil from a capsule of vitamin E as a natural preservative.

Then you can dip a lip brush into the juicy gloss and apply it lavishly to clean, dry lips and allow it to dry on. Use more layers for a deeper shade and let it dry, too and keep it up until it’s the right shade. Put it in the refrigerator until it ferments, and in that case, make more, possibly even choosing blackberries or blueberries, etc., for color variations. A little bit mixed with lanolin can make a good matching blusher for some real organic beauty.

Organic Cosmetics are Popular and They Work

Baking soda is a great natural tooth-paste and it whitens and freshens really well. But, when mixed and macerated with strawberries in a mortar and pestle, it makes an excellent cleaner and polish for the teeth. Rinse well.

Now the skin needs a natural face cleanser and a moisturizer, and this is made by scooping all the meat out of a ripe avocado into a bowl, and macerate it with a spoon until it‘s creamy. It needs to be very ripe for this, and will turn dark quickly, but that’s okay. Divide the creamy avocado in half and stir in some oatmeal flakes to one half of the avocado to make an abrasive scrub.

Splash the face and neck with clean, warm water, then with more clean warmer water, do it again. Spread globs of the natural beauty cosmetic oatmeal mixture on each area to be cleaned (forehead, chin, neck, cheeks, nose, etc.) and lightly scrub with the fingers of your flattened hand, spreading it as you clean around your face and neck.

It’ll be lumpy and it won’t spread evenly, but that’s okay, too, just scrub it around. Avoid the eyes and when you feel the skin has been cleaned sufficiently, rinse it off by splashing with warm water.

Gently pat dry and then do it again, but with the other half of the creamy avocado, only this time allow it to dry on the face (or 20 minutes), at which time a soft, hot, wet cloth is best to gently remove the cleanser, which wipes off easily.

Using Natural Moisturizers in Juice Beauty

Don’t moisturize while the skin is still warm. Wait a few minutes until the face has had air-drying and cooling time to make it completely dry. Now, just moisturize the areas that need it, if you still need it at all, because the avocado oil is a natural body lotion and moisturizes the skin.

This would be a good time to apply that lanolin blusher you made out of the berries.

Any color of fruit can be made into eye natural eye shadow and eyeliner, too. You use the darkest colors you can find for the eyeliner, and the best thing to do is choose over-ripe, juicy pieces of fruit because it makes the best color of juice when it’s at the ripest.

Smash and muddle it, making as much juice as you can and remove the pieces, and then stir cornstarch into the juice until it makes a very thick, evenly colored dry/wet powder. Cornstarch is very silky-soft and will spread easily and adhere to the eyelids when spread with a finger or brush. Several careful layers or colors of the vegan cosmetics can change the color and contour, so experiment. Keep in a closed container for later use. It should last some time if kept closed and dry.

Get creative, make your own make-ups. Lanolin isn’t that much and when added with plant extracts and bees wax, you can make lotions, perfumes, ointments, medicines and even blusher.

Give a set of Tea Light Candles or Votives

You can get deals throughout the year for bagfuls of 50-100 tea light candles that come in those little metal holders. First, gather the number of them you’re going to make; they are nice when they come in sets. Tea Lights come at one or two cents a piece when purchased in bags.

Votives can frequently be found in thrift stores and dollar stores for four (or more) of them for a buck. If they happen to have the color you want or one that is acceptable to you, then you’re in luck. Buy four, six or twelve of these nice candles per Mom you’re making gifts for.

How to Decorate Candles

Now go to the sewing section and find ‘candle-making’ materials: straight pins, straight pins with decorative tops, beads or pearls that will fit a straight pin through them, maybe some cute buttons that will fit the pins, and designer ribbons and lace ribbons in thoughtful colors for recipient Moms. You’re almost ready to decorate candles.

Now go get tacky glue and make sure you have a wire snipper to cut the straight pins in half at a sharp angle, so you only have to push half of it into the candle-wax and the tip is sharp. Use undecorated straight pins as holders for beads, sequens and lace ribbons to decorate the edges and sides of the candles and hold ribbons in place where glue won’t work.

Use them in rows of shapes or letters of the alphabet. The silver-topped pinhead will hold a drop of glue for a bead, crystal, rhinestone or cabochon, too. You can make some really cool candles by simply decorating them.

You can also put a rim of thin ribbon around the top and bottom, and find a nice button that will fit on the candle. Put it centered on the votive and attach it with plain straight pins, cut of course. Crystals or beads or birthstones can be glued onto the straight pin heads to further personalize the set.

Further ‘Candle-making’ Ideas

The tea lights can have sequens, lace, ribbon and rhinestones glued onto their little metal shells and they can be given on some kind of plate or basket that’s cute. The little set of designer candles is meant to burn separately or in the set, but make sure there‘s something inflammable underneath it, as wax may drip out of the metal container as it heats up,.

Using tacky glue is recommended over using hot glue to attach items, although hot glue would make it faster to finish. Find a glue that won’t catch fire when the candle burns down to the glued spots. Some will just melt and slide off before they burn.

These gifts are usually not burned because of their decorative value or sentimental feelings, but your Mom might actually want to use this gift. So, for a real good reason, make sure the ribbons and lace and all that ruffley-lacey prettiness doesn’t catch on fire.

Don’t make it super ‘frilly’ without telling the receiving Mom that the candles are not meant to be burned. Use the ribbons and lace to make borders or designs on the sets of candles and even use photos with pins to attach it.

Having a set on a beautiful dish or basket or whatever you’ve chosen can be given in a nice gift bag, and won’t need to be wrapped.

Wrap up the Dinner Candles

Ask people you know if they have any gift bags they’ve been saving, and then ask if you can use it. Then get a sheet of tissue paper that goes along with the candles’ color scheme and use it in the gift bag.

If nobody has a bag you can use, make one out of the newspaper‘s colored comics or a small lunch-size sack, so ask if they have one of those, instead. Ask a neighbor, anyone nearby who gets the paper daily will do, and scotch tape works well for this.

If you find a box to use, you can use tissue paper as a wrapper, or even aluminum foil with that curling ribbon or colorful deflated balloons tied on it like a bow (dollar store again).

Or, go simple and just put that curling ribbon in a big jumble on top of any sort of box you find for the gift to fit in, and make her wonder what the heck you really got her.

Cellophane gift bags for parties can fit four votive-size and more decorated tea lights, and a pack of the bags comes with decorative matching twisty-ties. They’ve been spotted at nearly every known dollar-type store known to man and you get a dozen or more bags in a pack.

If you require more embellishment, add a collar of that curling ribbon and curl it up. Another store-quality gift for Ma, uniquely made by you for very little money.

  • The old Coupon idea taken further
  • Scented and colored mineral salts in beautiful glass vessels
  • Original spice mixes and condiments
  • Homemade Artisan Pasta
  • Craft supplies (is *enough craft supplies* even a real thing?)
  • Natural cosmetics, cleansers and moisturizers
  • Bedazzled candles and tea lights
  • Handmade blanket
  • Photograph album that’s a paper album, not digital
  • Cedar birdhouse

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