Advantages and Disadvantages of Gel Nails

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gel Nails

Target of a popularity that is growing every day that passes, the gel nails have demonstrated the ability to offer the ideal solution for those seeking a durable and practical alternative to more traditional forms of maintenance of the nails. Appealing for its versatility and aesthetic results extended gel nails are a cosmetic option that deserves to be pondered by all women want nails with a healthy and sophisticated look.

Advantages of Gel Nails:

1 - Free of toxic materials

Unlike many traditional varnishes used, the gel nails speak in favor of your health, and its chemical composition is characterized by a mixture of hypoallergenic and can be used without worry.

2 - Protector effect

Once the gel composition is resistant, it overrides the keratin, the nail receives extra protection during their growth process, thus preventing it from breaking with greater ease. Since brittle nails represent an aesthetic problem for many women, this is assumed as one of the advantages inherent in this most exciting cosmetic procedure.

3 - Grooming

The gel favors the aesthetic manipulation of the nails, to allow, with ease, to paint them. The variety of alternatives is extremely wide, making, with some creativity, you can play any desired effect. Thus, gel nails play an increasingly important role in creating and developing elements of fashion.

Disadvantages of Gel Nails:

1 - Possibility of damage to the nail

It is possible that, when subjected to a continuous process of maintenance, natural nails will eventually be the target of a certain weakening caused by the instruments resulting in the production of the gel nails. This does not always happen, but there is always a good chance if the number of maintenance sessions are not properly administered.

2 - Time and money spent in sessions

Prices can exceed 30 dollars, and the sessions extend over several hours. Although the quality is payable either in time and money, this is nonetheless one of the biggest disadvantages faced by those who have the habit of submitting to the whole process of getting gel nails, and is also responsible for a great distance of potential customers.

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