Angry Birds Backpack Feature Red Black Yellow and Blue Angry Birds

The Angry Bird backpack is the latest angry bird merchandise on the market. These include four of the angry birds, red, blue yellow and black birds featured on the angry bird’s backpacks. The adorable plush backpacks are sure to win favour with adult fans of the game, a much as they are with kids. The 13 inch angry bird’s backpacks include 2 zippered compartments with adjustable straps to fit kids comfortably.

Angry Birds Backpack Black
Angry Birds Backpack Black | Source

Angry Birds Backpack Black

  • The black angry bird backpack features the black bird. In the angry birds game the black bird I the heaviest bird which can cause major damage to the green pigs hideout.
  • The black angry birds backpack however is not different in size to the other backpacks. This 13 inch backpack includes two zippered compartments and comes with adjustable straps.
  • Current retail price of the black angry birds backpack is $ 23.99.

Angry Birds Backpack Yellow
Angry Birds Backpack Yellow | Source
Angry Birds Backpack Blue
Angry Birds Backpack Blue | Source

Angry Birds Backpack Yellow

  • The yellow bird angry bird is king of long distance. The further you launch him from the better the attack on the green pigs.
  • The Yellow angry birds backpack is also a 13 inch bag with 2 separate compartments ideal for kid’s books and separate pocket for pens or snacks.

Angry Birds Backpack Blue

  • The blue bird is one of the most sought farter angry birds since it is capable of splitting into three smaller birds.
  • Unfortunately the blue angry birds backpack ones not include additional bags. Other blue angry bird merchandise includes a backpack clip, t-shirts and plush.

Angry Birds Backpack Red
Angry Birds Backpack Red | Source

Angry Birds Backpack Red

  • Tough the Red Angry bird may be considered a basic weapon against the green pigs; he is one of the most popular angry birds. Perhaps it is his fiery red color.
  • Popular read angry bird merchandise also includes t-shirts and plush toys.

Which Is Yor Favorite Angry Birds Backpack?

  • Angry Birds Backpack Red
  • Angry Birds Backpack Blue
  • Angry Birds Backpack Black
  • Angry Birds Backpack Yellow
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irish  5 years ago

nag bebenta po ba kau ng bag na angry birds ?

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