Buying authentic gucci handbags online

Information to assist in buying an authentic Gucci handbag online...

 There are so many replica gucci handbags being sold online every single day. The consumers are unaware most of the time and they're paying large amounts for these high quality fakes. So how do you avoid becoming part of this crowd?

First step is education! Learn the brand inside and out. Go to your nearest  boutique and careflly inspect all the Gucci bags inside and out. Pay attention to the details. For example; stitching detail like color, hardware color and engraving, zippers, texture of the canvas, the way the canvas looks, the texture of the leather and the color, the lining.

A good example of these details would be to use the Horsebit hobo. You can buy the black canvas wih silver hardware the other canvas bags all have light gold hardware. The stitching on certain years was the same color as the leather and then newer seasons have contrast stitching. The zippers usually have gucci inscribed on the underside. A few of the abbey styles had gucci heat stamps on the zippers and others did not. The leather comes from real animals and is not hand made by humans. There should never be a perfect checkered pattern on the leather. As you look closely at the texure you can almost see where the hair follicles are on the leather. Your bag should smell like a leather shop if its brand new. What a lovely smell!  If your bag smells like plastic or spray paint its most likely a replica. Plastic on the handles is a dead give away also!

If you see a Gucci bag that is brand new selling for $110 on ebay that retails for over $800 it's a replica. Even the boutiques down't buy the from the factories at those prices. The boutiques generally buy at 40% off retail prices and mark it up that 40%. They can sell them at a discount when they are no longer in season. This is one way to buy authentic designer bags with proof of authenticity at a discounted price. If you can wait for the season change often times you can get that hot bag at a great sale price.

There are good sites out there that sell genuine Gucci handbags at a discount of retail prices. The key is that they have actual photos not just stock photos. If you contact them for additional pictures they should be able to take some for you. If you can't get in touch with someone before purchasing on the site it may be a red flag also. Part of the business after all is providing customer service. The ability to produce a store receipt and still having the store tags on the bag is also a good way to ensure authenticity.

It is harder to find truly authentc Gucci bags online but its not impossible and its worth it to carry the real thing!

Authentic Gucci Large Canvas and cream leather Horsebit Hobo

Just a view of an authentic large Gucci Chain hobo style # 114900
Just a view of an authentic large Gucci Chain hobo style # 114900
Leather tag with serial number embossed into the underside of the leather
Leather tag with serial number embossed into the underside of the leather
See the light gold horsbit hardware on the handle
See the light gold horsbit hardware on the handle

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jjrubio 7 years ago

look the plain and simple facts are:

If you want a Authentic Gucci Bag then buy it at GUCCI, just like when I want my Louis Vuitton I go to the actual store not some kiosk at the mall or even on EBAY!!! You get what you pay for literally if you go the cheap way and end up with a knock off!

directcouture*com profile image

directcouture*com 7 years ago Author

So True! If you can save up and buy from the boutique then you will hae no question of authenticity!

My point here is that there are ways to buy discount gucci bags online but you have to be cautious and know your brand!

Thanks for the comment

StevenCavendish profile image

StevenCavendish 7 years ago

Terrific hub. Keep up the great work.

nikki1 profile image

nikki1 7 years ago

great hub/thanx for sharing.

reviewadon profile image

reviewadon 6 years ago

nice stuff, i remember walking around europe and having fake gucci bags thrown at me from every corner...

Tej Kohli 6 years ago

Nice Bags , I waanaa One

JOhely 6 years ago

Any thoughts on - are the bags authentic?

PhilUK 6 years ago

Can anyone tell me if are genuine. Went to live chat and they say bags are the real thing bought direct from factory but prices so low I cant quite beleive it.

eveconsult1 6 years ago


handbags 6 years ago

I like gucci handbags ,I bought one for my wife before,she liked that very much.

VivekSri 6 years ago

good going hub that looks. keep all that energy up for more informative posts. thanks!!!!!

strutzas profile image

strutzas 6 years ago from Kualapuu, Hawaii

How does one authenticate whether they are truly a Gucci bag? I am skeptical because I have been fooled once before.

sarahpucci profile image

sarahpucci 6 years ago

It's really hard to authenticate a handbag... Just go with your gut!

NHL Jerseys 6 years ago

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real soft 6 years ago

I remember walking around europe and having fake gucci bags thrown at me from every corner.

Chinitz 6 years ago

I won a GUCCI "sukey" tote bag a week ago and i want to sell it for Php40,000. I have visited GUCCI store here in Philippines and they saw nothing that say it's fake.

Contact me:


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Alexandra Maria profile image

Alexandra Maria 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

Ah, a sister in the battle against fake designer merchandise. God bless you...MMMMMUUUAAHHHH!!!

Education is the key. It always breaks my heart when I hear a story about how a girl got scammed by some crooked retailers. Keep teaching! Awesome hub!

Pharmd961 4 years ago

Hello! bfkddbe interesting bfkddbe site! I'm really like it! Very, very bfkddbe good!

flowerpinch 3 years ago

Good looking hot handbag! Congrats!


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