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 - avril's first tattoo was the star seen on her first album; it was her trademark when her music first came out. she got it in 2004 with ben moody from evanescence.

- she has a very small blue star on the right side of her back.

- when avril and deryck got married, they got matching tattoos on their wrists. hers was a heart with a 'D' on the inside, while his was an 'A'. they both recently went to a tattoo convention together and got their tattoos filled in to cover up the letters.

- avril has a small blue and black outline of a star on her right forearm.

- there is a small red tattoo on the outside of her right arm.

- there is another blue and black outline star on the outside of her leg -- this one isn't as bold as the one on her forearm.

- yet ANOTHER star outline, just in black, and on her hip bone. her gutairist, evan, has an identical one to hers.

- she got ANOTHER updated version of the star hip tattoo with her friend jamie. this one is a bit bigger.

- "abbey dawn" is tattooed on her forearm; its the name of her clothing line for kohls, and also her supposed childhood nickname.

- a "30" on the outside of her wrist, along with a musical note on the opposite wrist. its suggested it was tattooed for her [now ex] husband's 30th birthday on march 21st, 2010.

- her most recent one is a lighting bolt on her forearm, along with adam brody sporting a matching tattoo on his neck behind his ear.

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bill 5 years ago

her boyfriends name is Brody Jenner, Not Adam Brody. And they dont have matching tattoos, they have each others names

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