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Banana Republic is offering a new look this holiday season.
Banana Republic is offering a new look this holiday season.

Celebrate Life in Banana Republic

That Banana Republic dress you saw was exquisite. Now if only you could find it on sale. Banana Republic is always having online sales, but the selection is often very limited. Whether your you're a fashion addict, or just someone who loves to try things on before you pull the trigger, may I suggest a trip to your local Banana Republic factory store? There are only a handful of locations per state, so if you happen to live near one, I suggest you take advantage of it, and most importantly, plan ahead!

View the 2011 Banana Republic Ready-to-Wear Collection

Where can I find a Banana Republic Factory Store?

On our way home from a recent vacation, we purposely added to our itinerary a visit to the factory outlet in Phoenix at the last second, and boy am I glad we did. At the time, it felt like sensory overload, because coming from a small town, I wasn't used to seeing so many items, and all at such low low prices. Rarely does my husband shop for himself, but on this occasion he found a a pair of shoes ($150 to $50). I also managed to pick up pastel colored, curve hugging cashmere cardigan. With it's asymmetrical ruffle-placket open, it has managed to keep me warm through two harsh Colorado winters. Normally, a woman, like myself who has struggled to make ends meet, would typically walk right by a "brick and mortar" Banana republic store. And even at this factory outlet, there are still some items that were too rich for my blood, but I didn't have to look very hard to find many skirts and dresses for $49 and under! So thank you Banana Republic for being helping me look sharp on a budget. But don't take my word for it, your obviously ready for your own shopping adventure. Before you head out, make sure to check out this Banana Republic factory outlet guide for the location nearest you.

Great Deals on Banana Republic Dresses

BR Mad Men Collection - Top 10

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Banana Republic Mad Men Collection
Banana Republic Mad Men Collection

Banana Republic launches Mad Men line

"Mad Men" is on hiatus because of a contract dispute, but that has done little to diminish the shows influence on Americans. And for those who can't get enough of Mad Men, we now have Banana Republic to thank. This is because, in August, Banana Republic is rolling out a Mad Men line for both ladies and gents.

Whether or not your a fan of this show or not, seeing this line of fedora hats, pencil skirts, and chic trench coats, should inspire you to dress all prim and proper. The look, is inspired by Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant. My hats off to her for making the 60's cool again. So just how authentic are the clothes? According to Bryant, many of the pieces come directly from the show, so it's kinda like sneaking outfits straight from the actors' dressing rooms! I can't get enough of "Mad Men" style, but here, have a look at the lineup for yourself:

See Banana Republic’s Complete Mad Men Collection

Banana's new ad titled "City Stories", featuring Sara Bareilles at a Yamaha piano
Banana's new ad titled "City Stories", featuring Sara Bareilles at a Yamaha piano

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