Beauty Tips for Hair

Beauty Tips for Hair

A major concern of almost all women is to be always beautiful with their hair and in fashion, curly to flat, cast the first stone the woman who never went through moments of great insecurity or dissatisfaction with her own hair.

Curls are beautiful and envied, and accept more hairstyles than any other type of hair. However, they are undoubtedly the most difficult to treat, they tend to get dry, they can be perfect in one day and horrible in the next, if not well cared for they tend to stay heavy or bulky and require a special attention by the owner.

The wavy hair is also very beautiful, it requires much less work. Must always be well hydrated to not be bulky or too dry, and is neither smooth nor curly, tend to be formless.

Straight hairs are the easiest to treat, are always arranged, hinder much less than the other two, are the same from one day to another and do not need as much hydration. The disadvantage is that they are somewhat limited to hair styles, because, as the hair slide, is more difficult to shape it.

Below are some tips for you to have your hair always beautiful and well kept.

  • Escape from the hot water, it dries out and opens the hair cuticle and frizz leaving the scalp oily, so some people say that hot water "dirty" the hair. If you can not take cold showers, you can opt for warm water.
  • Do not pass the conditioner too close to the scalp, this increases the possibility of oiliness and dandruff or cones arise in your head.
  • The conditioner should be completely removed from the wires to not left with a heavy or sticky look.
  • Use products designed for your hair type, they were manufactured precisely to attack the weaknesses of your hair.
  • No matter what your hair type is, never dismiss combing cream. It replenishes nutrients, protects wires and maintains hydration.
  • Use a leave-in with moderation, or your hair will become oiled, heavy and dirty-looking.
  • Use a hair diffuser when it comes to dry the hair. The length should be dried from the bottom up, putting the wires on the object, since the root, dry it upside down to prevent frizz.
  • Women with wavy or curly hair should not use comb or brush when drying the hair, it ends with the definition and creates a lot of volume.

  • Know your hair type and treat it in order to appreciate what you have. Rarely the treatments that aim to modify the type of hair are any good.
  • Cut your hair frequently so you don't get with many split ends or damaged hair too.

As for hairstyles, if you do not always have the time or the money to keep going to the salon, there are some options that are simple, elegant, do not go out of fashion and leave you pretty. Just look:

  • The high ponytail is never out of fashion and can be used in any situation, so that it is flat at the root, apply a leave-in or gel before and pull the wires with a fine comb or brush. At length you can do curls or leave them plain as well.
  • Braid Hairstyle: Braids are also easy to make, all-day flawless and look beautiful, they don't leave you looking like a Christmas tree and are quite elegant. Valley braid embedded, side, simple, with panache, high...

Finally, it is necessary to dye your hair to hide the gray or to change the look, but often we feel that the dye is only cool when we left the salon, then fade, wither and lose the luster. It doesn't need to be! With the right treatment your dyed hair can always stay beautiful, soft, bright and strong color to the next dye. Check out these tips.

  • Red hair: the redhead is in fashion, is beautiful, irreverent, sexy and casual. Except that, in very little time they lose their color, becoming dull and ugly. The solution to this problem is to use light bulbs to fixing the color, do not wash very often and under any circumstances use anti residue shampoo, they actually take the dye.
  • Still on the red hair, with the dyed they loose the protein and vitamins that are very important to the health of the hair, the way is an abuse of hydration or even cauterization treatment that restructures and recovers very well the wires.
  • Blond hair: the blonde is beautiful, sexy and sweet at the same time. But if the tone was raised artificially by discoloration, will dry up the wires, resembling dehydration, dull, embarrassment and laziness. The only way to escape the problem is abusing the hydration and keratinization, treatment that strengthens and moisturizes fine wires.
  • Another problem is that this tone, if not properly treated, in contact with chlorine (even in the shower) the hair turn green! To protect yourself, use products specifically designed for light hair and if you swim, wash them not allowing excess chlorine to remain in the hair.
  • Other colors: red and blonde shades are the two most problematic, for the rest, it is important to always maintain hydration, often the touch the root up and cut the ends to not get brittle and finished.

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