Beauty on a Budget - tips

Ladies, I know as the economy has taken a toll on many people’s finances, there is one thing we cannot compromise: our personal appearance.

While it appears easier said than done, we can cut corners and still look fabulous if we comply with these tips.

Manicure, pedicure, and eyebrows = $60

(Option) Buff nails, polish change =$10-15 total & use tweezers for your eyebrows. Use pedicure scrub with pumice stone for your feet daily for softer feet. *Use baby oil and sleep in socks to make your feet softer. Paint your own nails once a week just like the nail shop does: bottom coat, two regular color coats, and a stop coat.

Hair = $45-$100

(Option) Do your hair at home using good products such as Redkin, Tresemme, etc. Watch YouTube tutorials to teach you how to style and curl your hair. You may find discount blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons online (Amazon), Wal-Mart, or Ross.

(Option 2) Beauty College. Do not get ANY chemical treatments done at a beauty college! Go to a beauty college for wash, blow-dry, and styling ONLY. ($15-$25)

Clothing = $60-$100 per outfit

(Option) Fall in love with the clearance section. Ask the staff what day they receive new inventory and come on those days. Keep a price print in mind like $15 and buy nothing that exceeds that amount. Compliment the outfit thinking of shoes you already own and accessories that will make the outfit look even better.

Always look for coupons. You can usually google on the internet for bargains before shopping anywhere. Simply put in the store "name of store"+"coupons" and see what you can find. You can also use coupon codes from your cell phone if you have internet option on your phone. Don't allow the sales person to convince you that they can't use the code if it's valid. You can read the numbers from the code to the salesperson to put in the computer if they are unable to scan the coupon electronically.

Shoes = $50-$100

Clearance shoes and coupons are your best bet. Look for deals such as Macy’s coupons ($20%-50%), Ross shoes, or Belks coupons. Shop those super sales with special additional coupons for early morning specials and low priced bargains.

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Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

Really helpful hub, I know I need lots of beauty stuff but never have any spare money, so this really helps, thanks and voted up! nell

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