Organic Cosmetics: Beauty Doesn't ALWAYS Have a Cost

Each and every day your skin struggles against chemicals, stress, food allergies and impurities.This can often make your skin pale, dull, rough and blemished.Most common cosmetics, like the one you’re using currently, do nothing to help with these issues – they just cover the problems up. Most will only leave your skin dry and in some cases, compound the problems you’re trying to cover up! Who wants makeup that’ll do that?

The best solution to these problems is to switch to organic cosmetics, which contain pure, organic ingredients that won't harm the delicate balance that your skin needs in order to look and feel healthy. Beyond this, using natural, organic products helps to cut down on your carbon footprint, which makes things easier on the environment. Most organic products are also manufactured in a “greener” fashion, and use recyclable packaging as well.

The number one cosmetic that most women use in their daily makeup routine is a facial concealer. This is a vital weapon against pimples, skin darkening, blemishes and many other skin irregularities. Choosing a facial concealer with organic, natural ingredients is the only way to go in my opinion. After all, it’s usually the first thing that touches your face, and lays the foundation for everything else. Once you create a firm foundation, then you can create whatever look you'd like with other, organic cosmetic products such as blush, bronzer, eye shadow and lipstick.

Most women, and people in general, already have skin problems; so, why compound this issue by adding harmful chemicals? The purpose of a facial concealer is to hide imperfections, and these un-natural ingredients can often make these issues worse – and certainly more noticeable, especially after you remove your makeup.Make sure to read the ingredients on the concealer you are buying (and anything you buy that you plan on ingesting or applying to your skin). Just because a product claims to be organic or natural doesn't mean that it is safe. A truly organic product will contain little to no chemicals, and instead use naturally occurring minerals as their main ingredients.

Another important product that women use is liquid and pencil eyeliner.Eyeliner creates the appearance of larger, more dramatic eyes, which is why this step is often very important in your routine.Of course, as with all cosmetics, there is a wide array of choices available.

Look Out for This Label When Buying Organic Products!
Look Out for This Label When Buying Organic Products!

So Which Type of Product is Best for You?

This all depends on the look you are going for and the length of your daily routine. Some women prefer pencil liner because it is easy to apply, while other women like the more theatrical affect that liquid liner brings.

The difference between organic eyeliner and other brands is that your typical, everyday liners are filled with harsh chemicals. This is especially true when you are purchasing water proof or water resistant liners. However, great organic pencil and liquid eyeliners do exist, and in addition to creating that smoky, dramatic look that you want, they also help to keep your skin healthy.

Aside from traditional cosmetics, you can also use organic products in your daily skincare regimen. A natural, organic clay mask can be used to treat certain skin problems, it can help to tighten your skin, as well as give your face a deep cleansing. Adding an organic clay mask can also draw out nicotine and other pollutants while re-hydrating and nourishing your skin. An organic clay mask is only as good as its’ ingredients.Make sure any organic skin care product you use has a USDA Certified label on it; and, even then make sure to read the ingredients!

Remember the U.S. has some of the weakest guidelines in the world for labeling a product organic (only 70% of the ingredients are required to be organic in order for the product to be able to have an "organic" label on it).

Almond Oil is a Great Ingredient in Any Organic Moisturizer
Almond Oil is a Great Ingredient in Any Organic Moisturizer

Keeping your skin in its’ best condition usually requires a daily moisturizer; regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination of the two. The best organic moisturizers are ones that are manufactured from natural ingredients and are 100% chemical free. Organic oils such as almond, olive or tea tree are best.Once again, make sure to look at the ingredients, making sure that the product you are purchasing doesn't contain parabens (which are chemical preservatives that many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies use to keep their products fresh), other chemical preservatives or mineral oils.

Pollution is a huge problem that causes the majority of skin ailments in our modern world. Choosing a great organic moisturizer can help to protect your skin against the elements while giving it the boost it needs to be healthy and vibrant. Water is well known to be the best natural ingredient for re-hydration and moisture retention. As we get older our skin starts to dry out and loose its luster. Besides eating right and drinking enough water, a great way to retain our skins' natural moisture is to choose an organic, water based moisturizer that is blended with natural oils to help penetrate the surface of the skin and prevent the moisture from evaporating after you wash.

If you have extremely dry skin you might want to choose an oil-based organic moisturizer.Wheat germ based oil is especially good for dry skin as it contain a high level of vitamin E.You can use this type of moisturizer at night as a face cream for even deeper penetration.People with especially dry skin should especially stay away from chemical-based moisturizers, which typically contain mineral oil.The mineral oil sits on your skins’ surface and clogs pores, which have the double effect of creating pimples and making the skin look dull and lifeless.

When you tie all of these products together, and you use organic cosmetics as well as skin care products, you can quickly make your daily routine both healthier (for your skin), and better for the world.The best part is, that while a few years ago this process would have been costly and time consuming, now most stores carry a wide variety of all natural, certified organic cosmetics, for all skin types and ethnicities.Of course, it's up to you to be diligent, and read the ingredients to make sure you are buying the purest products you can.

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