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Super Hero Costumes

Going to costume parties and stuff like that are always awesome. They're fun especially when you've got friends who are also into cosplaying. Super heroes are good, as they're often the most common characters. There are also costumes featuring cartoons and movies, but they're aren't as popular as the super hero ones.

The Most Popular Costumes

  1. DeadPool. At whatever cosplay party or convention you may be into, there are always DeadPool super hero costumes that you will see. Deadpool is a Marvel superhero featuring a double badass sword with almost all Marvel superhero powers, and that's why he's a crowd favorite.
  2. Spiderman. Yep, spidey still is in one of the top superhero costume picks. Probably because he's been in the big screen the most in the last decade or so, he's extremely popular.
  3. Superman. The man of steel is in the top picks. Being the leader of Justice League (along with Batman), Superman is always popular, maybe because he's very strong and has that unique hair style.
  4. Batman. The bat, along with Superman, is in the most favorite list. Batman has made an impression with its awesome dark knight trilogy, and because of it, the popularity of its costume has increased almost exponentially.
  5. Ironman. Something about this cool philanthropist billionaire playboy that made him a top pick. Well, all the avengers superhero were very popular, but Iron man seem to out-fame all of them. Ironman is pretty difficult to cosplay though, as there are a lot of preparations needed, and most of them involve real metal stuff.

Super Hero Costume Buying Tips

Like with any other things that you buy for yourself, buying costumes like these are never easy. Lucky you, as I've got some tips on buying costumes like these:

  • Check out the brand. Of course, you would want your costume to last for the years to come, and that's why before even buying one, it's always best to do your homework first. Research a little bit on the brand. Some popular ones are Disguise and Rubie's costume Co. Always go for a genuine brand, as these are often quality ones.
  • Previous Customer Reviews. Yes, do check out what other customers are saying. Read around the net, blogs, forums, and review sites. There are a lot of them out them. But take note, just because you've read something about it in a review doesn't mean you'll believe them all. Information such as these are given to give you an overview, not to really absorb the idea. If there are many who says the product is bad, then it might be, but if only one says so, then don't believe it as it is.
  • Go for your favorite, but listen to suggestions. Take suggestions as suggestions only, and you have the final say. It's pretty hard as many would say go for this or go for that. Remember that is the end, it's you who'll wear that so listen to suggestions, but it's not required to follow them.

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