Jerry’s Review comparison of Acne Expulsion Pills from vs. prescription accutane

Jerry’s Review comparison of Acne Expulsion Pills from vs. prescription accutane

Jerry’s Review comparison of Acne Expulsion Pills from vs. prescription accutane

Hey, Everyone

I’ve just finished up my comparison of the two acne medication/treatments that I have been using to get rid of my acne. The two treatments I compared were: 1) Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills, that I bought from ,and 2) the more expensive prescription accutane that I got from my doctor. (I say expensive, because it was say more expensive to buy accutane that comes from the doctor prescription, than the Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills. Not to mention, the added cost of the expensive doctor’s visits to get the prescriptions needed in order to buy accutane).

The Result:

The Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills ended up providing the amazing results that I’ve been looking for my whole life, without the harsh and severe side effects of the way more expensive prescription accutane, which made me break out like crazy and gave me a lot of harsh side effects that I didn’t want ...My full in-depth review of both is below, and my picture of the results while I was on Acne Expulsion pills is above.

My experience:

So, I’ve been taking the Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills for a few weeks now, and my first take on it and how it works is that I would describe it like a “Chinese Accutane”. Being previously prescribed accutane, I’d say that the Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills worked very similar to the accutane I was prescribed from my doctor but I didn’t get the harsh and unbearable side effects that I got while I was on prescription accutane.

I was very excited to get started with the Acne Expulsion Pills treatment, because I feel that it is very important to attack my acne as soon as possible, because the longer that you have acne, the harder it is to get rid of, and the risk of permanent scarring dramatically increases the longer you choose to live with your acne. So I know I have to move very quickly in order to get rid of my acne to avoid future permanent scarring.

As far as my week by week results, I was amazingly surprised

After my first week on the Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills treatment, I noticed that my acne pimples started to come in less and less. Where with the prescription accutane, my acne got WAYYYY!!!! worse, which ended up leading to more and more acne scarring on my skin, as well as the other horrible side effects, that the prescription was giving me.

After my second week of treatment with the Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills

I woke up…..and it’s like the Acne Expulsion Pills silently went and did its job, the clearance was so sudden and shocking to me, most people will probably get results within a month, but I guess I was just a special case.

I ended up placing another order of Acne Expulsion Pills, after my first order, because I was so happy with the results that I got. Overall, I’m so glad, that I never have to buy accutane again and deal with the side effects that come with the accutane, thanks to the Acne Expulsion Pills

When I factor in the expensive doctors visits, as well as the expensive cost of having to buy accutane, the Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills ended up being a HUGE bargain, to the point that I wish I would took it first, instead of the accutane

So if you’re terrified, or can’t handle the harsh side effects of prescription accutane, and you don’t want to go into debt having to constantly buy accutane, and pay for expensive doctors visits over and over again. I’d highly recommend the Extra Strength Acne Expulsion Pills. Hopefully it works as good for you, as it did for me.

Cheers, Jerry

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Paul 6 years ago

Great write-up Jerry. I've also used Acne Expulsion Pills to clear up my acne as well. It worked better for me than any other product I've ever used.

I recommended it to all of my friends with acne, and they ordered it as well..

5 star product..

Matt 6 years ago

You look great Jerry, I'm glad to hear that you feel better now that you have clear skin. Reading your story inspired me to take control of my acne problem. I just placed an order myself, for a couple of bottles, I can't wait to try it.

Wish me luck!!

Christina 6 years ago

Re: Paul

What were the results that your friends got while on Acne Expulsion Pills. And would you recommend it for someone who has tried pretty much everything on the market for acne, with no results??

Mike 6 years ago

I used acne expulsion pills as well for about a month, and my acne was just as bad as Jerry's(no offense). By the end of the bottle my acne was completely gone. It definitely works.

I'm glad to see that we all found something that works, and doesn't just make empty promises, like other products

Paul 6 years ago

@ Christina

I definitely would, my friend and I tried everything for acne: Accutane, Proactiv, Clearasil, Neutrogena, and nothing worked. In fact, one of my friend became so sick from taking Accutane, that he had to stop taking it.

The company that makes Acne Expulsion Pills states that they have a 98% success rate in clearing acne, and considering that six of my friends bought bottles of Acne Expulsion Pills, and all six had their acne cleared up, we all had a 100% success rate. So we ended up even surpassing what the company claimed.

All and all, it's an amazing product..

I definitely recommend it.

Buddens2 6 years ago

Great stories guys I've just placed an order for 3 bottles. I hope this is what finally clears my skin.

Maria 6 years ago

Damn, they just sold out of the Acne Expulsion Pills....

I went on their website yesterday morning at about 8:00 to check on how much bottles were left; the ordering page said, out of their stock of 1000, only 72 bottles remain. I go on their website in the evening at about 7:30pm, and all 72 were sold out.

I should of just bought it in the morning, but I didn't know that they were going to sell out that fast. I thought there would still be some remaining when I got home. I guess I will have to wait till more comes in.

I'm sad. I really wanted this for my acne.

Henry 6 years ago

LOL @ Maria.

You snooze you loose. Now you'll have to wait longer to get your acne cleared. My acne has been cleared using acne expulsion pills, and now I'm enjoying my summer, and my life.


But seriously though, more will come in soon. Next time, just don't procrastinate. It's an amazing product that's proven to work.

Nicky 6 years ago

What is their website, I can't find it anywhere. I want to order some bottles for my acne??

Please respond ASAP.


Nancy 6 years ago

So my order for 3 bottles just came in the mail today. It says on the bottle to take 2-3 pills a day. I know there's a lot of people that have had their acne removed taking Acne Expulsion Pills.

Can one of you direct me, as far as what dosage to start at.

Thanks. :)

Nancy 6 years ago


I started taking the Acne Expulsion Pills 12 days ago, and I have great news. My acne that has been bothering me for years, is all but gone.

I started off at two pills a day, then after the 5th day, I ramped it up to 3 pills a day.

No wonder this has been getting great reviews. I'm shocked by the results I've gotten.

I ordered 3 bottles, so I'm going to finish of the three bottles, before I decide what I'm going to do next. I'll probably order some more though, since it works so well.

serk 4 years ago

MAN im gona buy this right now lol wen i see every1 has results fuk this im gona try it :)

Jan 4 years ago

You can order the product on

Im on accuane and thinking of purchasing this too :))

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