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I've been wanting to dye my hair blue for the longest time. But because my hair color was blonde or red for a large majority of the time, I never went through with it. Now that my hair is back to it's natural light brown and all the bleach has grown out, I'm highly considering going for it. I figure that I can keep the blue hair color for as long as I want, and then if I want to bleach it out and go back to a more 'normal' hair color, my hair will at least be healthy enough to handle it. Either that or I can just keep trying out other Manic Panic colors. I've been collecting a ton of pictures so I can gauge the results. I especially love checking out the pictures where people use Manic Panic (or Stargazer, or any one of the other temporary hair dye brands) over unbleached hair. There's so many pictures of Manic Panic over bleached hair (just wish there was more of the former). Here are some inspiration photos and hair dying tips though. Enjoy!


Tips for Choosing and Using Your Temporary Hair Color:

1. The first thing I can recommend is researching the formula. Personally, I'm a fan of Manic Panic....BUT..... the Amplified formula (not the regular formula). You're going to hear mixed reviews of Manic Panic, because sometimes people are referring to the original formula. The Manic Panic Amplified formula has much longer staying power.

2. If you rinse your hair with white vinegar after you dye it, it will help to seal in the color. You would think that it would make it wash out quicker, but it's quite the opposite. White vinegar actually helps it to stay longer since it raises the pH level.

3. Don't use apple cider vinegar in place of white vinegar. It will darken your hair a tiny bit (which may or may not be a desired result). This is one of the reasons they say blondes who want to remain light blonde should not use apple cider vinegar.

4. Use plastic or vinyl gloves! Temporary hair color loves sticking to your skin and you don't want to have dyed fingernails for a week or more. You can find 100 pairs on for under $6.

5. Cover your bathroom with a plastic tablecloth (srs). It will make cleanup up so much easier, and they're super cheap. Choose a basic dark color like black, and rinse it when you are done. Your bathroom floor will thank you.


Brands of Temporary Hair Dye to Choose From:

1. Manic Panic (Original Formula or Amplified Formula)

2. Special Effects Hair Dye

3. Stargazer Hair Dye

Hair Dye Poll

Which is your favorite brand of temporary hair color?

  • Stargazer
  • Manic Panic
  • Special Effects
  • other? (Feel free to comment and say which one)
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