What you Need to Get the Bohemian Look this Spring

Vintage Ethnic Bag from Ethnic Frills
Vintage Ethnic Bag from Ethnic Frills

Want to pull off that Boho Chic look? Here are the 10 Items you need...

1. That Perfect Bohemian Dress

Florals, tribal prints, colors and ruffles are great choices when it comes to selecting a stylish dress for a breezy bohemian look. Ethnic Prints like repeated patterns and motifs also work great to create this effect. Some great ones are Bohemian Dress from DinoDirect, a very affordable Bohemian Print Dress from Walmart or this beautiful more expensive Bohemian Maxi by REVOLVEclothing.com. Blues, Browns, Reds and Yellows are ideal bohemian color choices for a dress. You can opt for a short floral dress, an elongated beach boho wear or a floral embroidered tunic depending on your personal style and budget. You can go to ShopStyle for some cool deals on bohemian dresses and tunics. Oh, if you prefer bohemian skirts and tops, here are some really cool websites to check those out: depending on your wallet, you can get a long boho print skirt from Cyber Net Plaza for as low as $25!

The Find is a great place where you can quickly look at all the online shops with great bohemian skirts. Free People has a great Bohemian Rhapsody top for just 45 bucks! Its casual, sexy and so bohemian!

If u love to wear summery bright tunics, Bubbles Tunics is my recommendation. They have a great collection of organic and eco-friendly tunics.

2. Sizzling Pair of Shoes

Natural earthy style with slice of beads, artwork and d├ęcor are what boho shoes are all about. You can choose between sandals, shoes or boots depending on your choice of dress.

For Sandals: I recommend this gorgeous sandal from Lori's Shoes or this divine Paisley Sandal from American Eagle

Wedges: Want a pretty wedge with character? Check out this one from Endless or this wow wedge with crochet at Neiman Marcus. If you love gladiators with cute small heels and are willing to splurge, this one from The Outnet is an awesome choice!

3. Those Lovely Earrings

I love the earrings that Jewelscapes have, especially this blue one! It looks magical and can accent many outfits. This cute Etsy store has some cool colors for accessorizing your bohemian look. Check them out, they also have some trendy chains and bracelets that look very boho glam! I suggest the many little and personalized Etsy shops for fun and funky tribal/bohemian earrings. The great thing about Etsy shops is that they are usually handmade and one of a kind so you are getting a unique work of art.

4. Boho Handbag

Ethnic Frills is my online store with a great selection of affordable bohemian and ethnic handbags, messenger bags for college, casual, work and travel. The Vintage bags in this shop are one of a kind and so in sync with the rest of the bohemian attire. Tribal prints, warm hues, retro decorations and character make each of our bags stand out! Some other stores that have boho totes can be found at PolyVore or The Find.

5. Chunky Tribal Necklace

Check out this awesome Etsy store from Austria called Beadsnbones. Chunky, funky, colorful, tribal, warm, trendy and so bohemian! If you want to shop from US based stores, try TribalFashionJewelry.

6. Sunglasses

Big Shades with retro print, vintage look and boho glam, its all about antique with sunglasses! Like this one at H&M or Roy Orbison Sunglasses by Rodarte. Whatever the shade you choose, make sure it complements your boho look. Large frames and lenses with a vintage appeal and a darker colors will bring out this look very well.

7. Scarf & Hat

These are optional, you can dress up without them too, it totally depends on your style and how much you are into accessorizing. Forever 21 has some really cool scarves, so does FashionUnic. The best choice is to opt for a large summery straw hat with some color.

8. Belt

Here are some stylish floral vintage bohemian belts from Verbena.

Generally, you can search around in Ebay, Etsy, The Find or PolyVore to spot some great steals. Cinch belts in black or retro themed belts with patterns on leather are also great with a floral or printed dress or tunic to give an exotic flair.

9. Hair Do

Keep your hair tussled, scrunched and naturally wavy for that just out of bed look. Soft curls at the end are a sweet touch. You can wear a tribal inspired headband or a floral wreath on your hair or a flower. Think of sienna miller's hairstyle if you are in doubt. Check out this page for some great ideas on how to keep your hair bohemian.

10. Attitude!!!

And last, but certainly the one that won't cost you a penny, your attitude. Wear your smile, your style and confidence and rest assured that you have just pulled off a springlicious bohemian style!!

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Vitamin Monkey 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

cool hand bags!

Karen N profile image

Karen N 5 years ago from United States

You're right Sienna Miller has gorgeous hair!

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BohemianBags 5 years ago from Santa Clara, CA, USA Author


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