Party Planning: When to Get Botox Before Your Big Event

Look You Best for that Special Day

High School Reunion, Christmas Party or getting ready for that special event? Looking your youthful best has never been easier! Follow these few rules to ensure Botox works for you.

1. Circle the date of your event on the calendar and count back a week. This is the absolute last date you can schedule your Botox treatment before the event. It takes roughly a week before you see the full effects of Botox, and some speculate it takes 14 days to see maximum results. Plan accordingly!

2. Don't go overboard! Just because you want every single line softened so you look the same age as you graduated high school doesn't mean you should. Avoid the "ice queen" face by discussing your concerns and expectations with your physician before getting your treatment. They might increase the amount of units they use, but always be careful since you might end up hating how you look.

3. Want to really make your skin youthful? Talk to your physician or nurse practitioner about scheduling a chemical peel after your Botox treatment. There should be no problem assuming you go to someone with significant training and experience in both. Most physicians recommend getting a peel 2 weeks after a Botox treatment, which if scheduled correctly will make your skin perfect for your event.

Also, by planning ahead for your


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